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Relative Athletic Score for all drafted players

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26 minutes ago, The Huddler said:

Brown doesnt need to be athletic. that over rated for gaurds.  Can you move that other 300 pound man directly in front of you out of the way? 


hes a dump truck that will plow a hole for our RBs. Cant ask for more than that where we got him. 

I don't know what you are talking about. Our best guards were always very athletic. Our worst ones were not. It's the difference between Trai Turner and Duke Robinson 

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Eh I like this class and that’s great and all, but let’s see it when the pads are on and the cleats are laced up. Plus athleticism gives you a leg up, but it doesn’t make you a player. 

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"Just move the guy in front of you" sounds nice until they stunt a DE and DT and he has to try to stop a guy 5 times faster than he is. 

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1 minute ago, Agent Blue said:

how is it possible to be that unathletic ?

It’s relative to other players at that position, not that he’s “unathletic.” He’d probably still dust 95% of adult men in a 40 yard dash at 340+ pounds. 

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1 hour ago, Zod said:

Panthers landed six elite athletes.


Horn's score is completely insane.

Christensen's score indicates he could push to start at some point this season.

Deonte Brown is the most unathletic guy in the draft. Hopefully he loses weight.

If Tremble can catch, man, he is going to ball out 

Did you see the video of Brown playing basketball, he is quick for a big guy he just can't run for long.  Keeping his weigh manageable (say around 325 lbs) will help.

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