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OTA thoughts and musings - week 3

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50 minutes ago, Zod said:

- Daley spent most of his time at LT with the ones. If he can stay healthy he is the most exciting prospect we have there. However, I'm starting to give up hope.

Did you see Christensen at all?

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5 minutes ago, NAS said:

Did you see Christensen at all?

I don't pay too much attention to the lines other than lineup. Impossible to say how any of them look until pads are on. I didn't see him take any first string reps though.

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Just now, 07579394 said:

Need a offence vocal leader?!Like Steve Smith?

Cam, Greg, Ryan, Steve, Jordan, etc etc

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1 hour ago, Zod said:

- Daley spent most of his time at LT with the ones. If he can stay healthy he is the most exciting prospect we have there. However, I'm starting to give up hope.

I assume the hope is for a FA acquisition or trade or something?  Just seems early to give up hope that someone steps up.

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10 minutes ago, Mr. Scot said:

Regarding Ian Thomas, Person wrote this yesterday...

Tight end Ian Thomas had what Rhule described as “a tremendous offseason.” But the fourth-year pro from Indiana had a rough start to the team period Wednesday. After Thomas jumped the snap for a false start on the first offensive play, he was pulled from the drill and had to run a penalty lap around the field. Thomas completed it in a deliberate manner that was about the speed of a home run trot. Maybe.

That's...not good 😕

I guess he sees the writing on the wall.  Its too bad, I had such high hopes his rookie year.

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    • I dont think houses are going to be under water. Houses are being bought with cash by investors sight unseen.  The market may slow way down and prices may level off but I dont think we see a big reversal.  Especially in Charlotte where so many people are moving. I just visited friends in Salt Lake their house is maybe 1400 square feet,  similar distance to downtown as our rental. The value on their home is 650k, we could probably sell our rental for 210 right now. Charlotte market has plenty more room to run unfortunately.  Especially when most of the people moving here are used to prices like in Salt Lake city 
    • I want us to grab a Center in FA rather than give up assets.. Even though this team is probably the best built team we have seen since we got the Hornets name back - We don't necessarily have a overflowing pool of talent where we can just give away pieces.. With that said - the FA pool is pretty shallow for starters.. Holmes and Jarrett are really the only starters from the bunch.. if we can't get Holmes or Jarrett, I am all for getting a Allstar caliber starting Center by any means (sans Ball/Rozier/Bridges).. In Mitch I Trust
    • It's a struggle this year to keep up with it all. There's been turnover, of course, but there's something else. Rhule and Co. haven't been picking up well known names in free agency. They are deep diving a bit more than we've seen in a loooong time. Combine that with this being one of the youngest teams in the league (if not THE youngest) and it might be more than my tired, old brain can keep up with. All 90, no way... I might get to 50 if I really worked at it and most of them would be carry over players. Still, I'm really in hopes that they find some uncut diamonds in all of this recruiting/drafting, some folks that aren't well know right now but who will be unforgettable after this year.
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