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Panthers add to coaching staff (exclusive)

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Gilbride was expected to join our staff as the right ends coach last year according to Alex Marvez. Don't remember if we interviewed him or not but the job ended up going Brian Angelichio instead.

As a defensive analyst though? He's never coached on the defensive side at any point in his career. He's always been an offensive coach like his dad, strictly tight ends and wide receivers.

His dad was the OC for the Giants when Rhule was there if I remember correctly. He's also the guy that Buddy Ryan famously punched on the sidelines.

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There are other changes from last season too.

Frisman Jackson now has the "passing game coordinator" title. They probably wanted to promote him after he got interviewed for the Falcons OC job.

Looks like they also added a "senior defensive assistant" title to LB Coach Mike Siravo. Kinda surprised Evan Cooper doesn't have a title like that since it's been said many times he's like Rhule's right hand man.

Back in February, the Panthers hired longtime pass rush specialist Don Johnson and veteran DL guy Terrance Knighton (Coach Pot Roast) right about the same time they promoted Frank Okam to fill the DL coach position that Mike Phair was let go from. And of course, the team hired Sean Ryan and Tony Sparano Jr back in January.

Looks like assistant strength and conditioning coach Gus Felder is no longer with the team. Hadn't seen anything on why.

Some other assistant shuffling: Former Temple guy EJ Barthel is gone. Former Temple linebacker and Baylor assistant Rob Dvoracek has been added along with former Baylor QB Garret McGuire and "executive assistant" Morgan Fleming.

We already had a big coaching staff. Didn't count it up but I think it's gotten even bigger.

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21 hours ago, TheSpecialJuan said:



Bringing in more coaches with NFL bloodlines. Couldn't hurt, I approve.

Is that 3 now on staff? There's Tony Sparano's kid, Mike Lombardi's kid and now Gilbride.

I would lean more towards bloodlines as well. Look how fast Chinn adapted, with his uncle being Steve Atwater; or Jaycee Horn and his dad Joe Horn, and he's had the right mindset; Christian McCaffery etc etc

Works with coaches too, maybe to a lesser degree. But they know what's expected because they were raised in it and have the right mindset.

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10 hours ago, panthers55 said:

So Kevin has largely worked as a tight end coach on the offensive side. So will he be working with the defense regarding how to defend Tight ends or how to scheme against various offenses  or what??

Remember Matt Rhule worked both sides of the ball as well, and he's said he wants his coaches to be able to know as well because it only makes them better coaches. Which is why he made DB coach go to WR meetings, D line to O Line, etc. The more tools you can add to your tool chest just makes you a better coach imho.

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