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One thing you liked, and one thing you didn't like.

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Injuries is the obvious answer to what I didn't like. The OL struggling is just an expectation at this point. We just have to gut it out in that regard.

The positives are the defense and Darnold's ability to be a gamer. Overall, the team won a game against an inferior opponent on the road. Road wins in the NFL aren't easy, especially on a short week. 

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Liked Darnold stepping up and winning the game for us.

Disliked the Horn injury. If I can't dislike an injury, then my backup answer is I disliked how lost we were for a quarter without McCaffrey (although we regrouped in the second half). 

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12 minutes ago, SmittysLawnGuy said:

Loved how Darnold settled down after CMC got hurt. Hated, Chubba Hubbard on 4th and 1 was an atrocious play call. Get your head out of your ass.

I cannot believe Brady called that.  WTH was he thinking?  Seriously WTF.

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2 minutes ago, SmittysLawnGuy said:

Then Freeman steps in and has springs, power and 30 lbs, on Matt's wife's pick and you ask yourself, WTF!

I was screaming at the TV.  He better be hiding the RZ playbook because so far its infuriating.


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Liked ? Darnold making key throws. Whenever it looked like the game might be turning, he used his legs and found someone for first downs. His connection with Moore was killing the Texans early.


Disliked ? well besides the injuries.............The F***ing offensive line at times in this game. which is going to bring me to my closing statement:



I don't care if he's "Fat"

That man was moving people in Alabama...all the way to a National Championship. Start him at Left Guard and be done with it.

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Stepping on the gas in the second half.  7-6 was a scary moment where it all felt like it was going the Texans way.  We made halftime adjustments and had a great 2nd half.  


The injuries.  I get it injuries happen in the NFL, but it felt like a pile on tonight

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