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3 weeks in...let's look at QBs


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Yea Fields the guy everyone was crying about had a poo day last week too doing his best The Golden Calf of Bristol impression. The Bears offense is bad but you can tell a QBs play like with Darnold on the Jets....he clearly had ability and an arm whereas Fields literally threw a short out 20 feet above the WRs head. Doesn't even remotely look like a first round QB.


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24 minutes ago, top dawg said:

Honestly, the Patriots should've kept Cam, and the Bears and the Steelers need to be calling his agent. He may not be what he once was, but he's likely better than what we've seen from their guys. 

Yea wtf were they thinkin lol

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9 minutes ago, onmyown said:

Don’t forget Teddy…

I watched the first half of the Broncos - Jets game today. Bridgewater is doing what he always does - keeps the offence ticking and in rhythm, but refuses to take the deep shots and is unable to move the ball quickly.

When Denver get behind in games he won't be the guy to bring them back. 

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1 minute ago, Daddy_Uncle said:

And what's awesome is Darnold is around the same age as these guys and already has a few years experience under his belt. We were basically gifted a #1 overall QB because his organization didn't use him correctly and wanted to make it look like it was his fault they sucked. Thank you for that. Best gift since Greg Olsen

It also gives me some hope in our scouting crew with Matt & Scott. Word was they really liked Trey. But we only sent partial staff to other pro days. We had both Mac and Fields there for us to take and passed and took the first defensive player in an entire draft. Sure he’s out for a bit but it’s not a lisfrank and he looked amazing.

Getting who we got didn’t get the OL beefed up but they’re winning me over with most of their decisions. (Most—keyword)

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7 minutes ago, carpanfan96 said:

Trevor has always been surrounded by tons of talent and is trying to do too much but I never thought he was a can't miss prospect 

I always thought Lawrence's accuracy - specifically his ball placement - was spotty. Otherwise he's about as good as it gets as a College prospect. 

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While Lawrence has made quite a few bad and costly mistakes, he has at least made several big time throws in every game whereas the other guys just look lost right now.

Very happy we got Darnold especially considering how little it cost.

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