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Delta 8 THC


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21 hours ago, Moose Hoover said:

What's wrong with pesticides and heavy metal?


After all, didn't a lot of us older folks spend our childhoods riding our bikes behind the DDT mosquito fogging truck and spend the first several months of our lives chewing on the lead-based paint that our cribs were finished in?

And we're perfectly normal...

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Chronic stoner checking in from NY. Delta 8 as an edible is pretty close to the Delta 9 we all know and love. Don't bother with the other forms of it.

CBD is like the body high of cannabis minus everything from neck up. It's relaxing but personally the head high is what knocks me out so it's not useful to me as a sleep aid. And many people don't feel the effects of it at all. It's good for anxiety and I think it's best used topically for aches and soreness. THC and CBD compliment each others effects in various ways too (Example: CBD counteracts the paranoia a lot of people get from high THC), so while you can isolate them they're best together just like they are naturally on the plant.

Biggest problem if you're not in a legal state is that everything is unregulated so there's no quality control. No way to know if the dosage is as advertised or if the stuff is made safely. Not much to worry about with flower but it can get tricky when you're using new, lab made stuff like Delta 8. If you guys remember the vape scare back when Juuls were banned those were ALL bootleg THC vapes. Stick to the legit stuff from dispensaries and you'll be alright. Look for regulation labels on retail packaging. 


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