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Week 6 Pass Blocking grades


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3 minutes ago, Eazy-E said:

Is Paradis one of the last terrible Hurney Contracts left on the team? Shaq's contact is pretty terrible but at least he is a positive when he is on the field and seems to be trying to play up to his pay this season.

I think almost all of the dead money from the Hurney era is finally gone after this season.

At least Shaq had started to play up to his contract compared to some of those. 

1 minute ago, Hoenheim said:

fug paradis. That is all.

Parade Ass
Like they are running a parade on his ass - k i'll put the pipe down

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And in his 1st start as a Vike, Darrisaw with a 64.8 and 1 pressure on 53 pass blocking snaps. And as a run blocker he was pretty dang good. The vikes did help by getting the ball out quick too, hear that Brady............

So thats potentially another OT to add to Slater and Cosmi at OT between Horn and marshall that are out there balling as rookie starters.  Then there is Creed Humphreys that would have likely transformed the line as well considering the turd we have at C. 

So while I'm happy with Marshall and Horn as great guys in the long term, it still stings to see OL talent we missed out on do so well while you see our line really hold us back with aweful performances week in and week out.

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Watching the MNF highlights makes me sad.

Allen just got sacked after holding on to the ball for 6 seconds.

The next play he overthrew the WR after holding onto the ball for 5 seconds. 

Everyone thinks he's a franchise, can't miss, QB 'cos he's playing behind a brick wall. Meanwhile this fanbase thinks our guy is trash because he can't put up MVP numbers when he has pressure in his face every down. 

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