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what's more important? early draft pick to hopefully get a stud QB or getting the best HC possible?


Forced to choose, is a QB or HC more important to the success of the team.   

58 members have voted

  1. 1. which would help a team more?

    • Great HC with decent QB
    • Decent HC with top tier QB
    • Just happy to vote and ok with either.

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what if, by tanking, you make the team look like a less desirable situation for the best available HC candidate? 

is it more important to get the right QB or the right HC?

yeah, i know you can get both and money will be a big draw, but forced to choose, which would you say is more important for the future of the franchise? QB or HC?

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Head coach forsure. Drafting a QB high does not guarantee he will be a franchise player. Imagine if we tanked on purpose and drafted someone like Zach Wilson with the 1st or 2nd pick. Even Trevor Lawerence looks suspect. He's having a better year than his rookie year but still doesn't quite look like a #1 pick could be better in the future though. Zach Wilson looks horrible though and It'd feel pretty bad if our top 3 pick at QB plays as bad as he has

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Well weren’t there candidates that refused to even interview last time? And I know a lot of refused to interview for really bad teams like the Texans and Browns. I also know coaches like Payton (no we aren’t getting him but) said he would not go to a bad situation and I believe these kinds of coaches have choices.

Generally I think the idea is overblown, but this is once again just another side effect of Tepper running this poo into the ground into being the new modern Browns. There really is a difference going to a bad team situation and a dysfunctional franchise situation.

If I was a candidate I sure as hell would at least have demands after witnessing what this trash organization just went through and then have Tepper turn around and still think he needs to be involved. Not to mention the possibility of strapping you to a GM that is also an idiot.

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