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Legendary Panthers QB at the pro bowl

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37 minutes ago, Brooklyn 3.0 said:

Not sure what the NFL is doing with this week-long Pro Bowl event ... but it's bad. Real bad.

They're just absolutely flailing and failing to figure out how to make the Pro Bowl a relevant ratings grabbing spectacle. They've done a great job at that with the draft but they can't figure out how to replicate it with the Pro Bowl. It just feels like a distraction from the Super Bowl IMO. They could build more compelling stuff simply focusing on the upcoming Super Bowl. They should honestly consider moving all the Pro Bowl stuff to the dregs of the off-season in July when people are starving for football content.

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12 minutes ago, Cullenator said:

Hopefully in the coming years someone at the NFL will have the balls to point out the king has no clothes and put an end to the Pro Bowl once and for all.  Keep the honor of being selected to the team but for the love of all that is holy stop trying to make it a TV event.

Pro bowl already means nothing because theres a million drop outs, All Pro Teams and NFL awards (MVP, OPOTY etc) are good enough.

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It's only a matter of time until the Pro Bowl is shitcanned.  The only people who watched it were diehard NFL fans anyway, and that was back when it was more or less a normal game with modified rules.  It went way down hill in the 2010s.  The last watchable Pro Bowl was after the 2013 season when they had the Prime/Rice team captains format and those grey jerseys with the neon trim.

It's sort of like Thursday Night Football.  The players don't want to do it and if given the option wouldn't, and it just exists as a way for the NFL to wring another nickel out of a market they've already completely saturated.

I mean really, who is going to go out of their way to watch 7v7 flag football?  Who's interested in that?

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46 minutes ago, Matthias said:

By the way, I liked it when the Pro-bowl was after the Superbowl.  If done right, it was like a farewell to the season.  The main problem is with football itself.  The sport is too dangerous to play even in a casual way.  And casual football sucks!  

Yeah I appreciated it that way too, it was like a celebration of the season and players.  You even had guys who had just played in the Super Bowl participating in some of those.

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