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Tepper redeems the franchise..


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On 3/16/2023 at 9:33 AM, Jmac said:

Most of us have been pissed off and very negative of the sh#t happening with the team since he took over. He has made some huge hiring mistakes that have cost this team dearly.

He appears to have learned to hire the right people and to actually let them make the important decisions. Getting out of the way and allowing the experienced football people to do their thing is paramount to having success.

Thumbs up to the changes happening and to the man for having the foresight to let it happen.

no need to wait for results? 

you hiring?

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11 hours ago, amcoolio said:

Agree with this, aside from Bell, the others were market overpays by 20-30%. I really don't like paying that much for a tight end that isn't Kelce, Gronk, Olsen tier. Much rather would have saved the money for next offseason and get more high impact players.

I mean is going from Thomas to Hurst really going to buy you extra wins this season with that contract?

It might help a rookie quarterback. We need to provide this quarterback the best opportunity to succeed. Yes, I believe Hurst will be a big improvement over our existing tight ends. I believe most of the recent signings will prove out. We do need a running back that can catch the ball. I am going to give this group of decision makers the benefit of the doubt. Time will tell. 

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On 3/17/2023 at 11:06 AM, LinvilleGorge said:

Tepper hasn't redeemed anything yet. We have to nail this upcoming pick. If we don't it's gonna be the same old same old, except we'll be down a bunch of draft capital and a #1 WR.

why for me it  just simply plain ole common sense for one to say that YES at this time it's way  to early to tell wether or not if Tepper has or has not redeemed himself 

on the other hand you have a plethora of irrational people who automatically ASSUMES that he has redeemed himself  & conveniently seem to  ignore the FACTS because they have of course an agenda

 & WHY ? well since we don't even  know who ? nor even how good ? this rookie QB in all  actuality is going to be then how do we even begin to imagine or know how good the team will be ? 

...we can't ...just saying... hae the

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