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49ers sign Myles Hartsfield

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  • Christian Mccaffrey Football GIF by Carolina Panthers


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    • I'm going to rant. I'm 29. I deleted all of my social media accounts in 2020 (including my old huddle account). I have one friend that I talk to via text, and my wife, and other than that I basically don't exist anymore to anybody that I met prior to 2020. Quite frankly I like being 'anonymous' and having no idea what stupid thing is trending or popular on the internet. I also generally spend more of my time being productive and working on my business or hobbies, or sitting around and brainstorming. When important things happen someone in real life will tell me. I imagine its easier to shun social media as an introvert, and I thank god he made me introverted because when I was heavy on social media my mental health was absolute garbage. Humans weren't designed to be "connected" to one another 24/7, (this is what makes social media more harmful than TV imo) but interests will ensure that people will be glued to their screens, consuming junk. And I think that is what I've taken from my social media hiatus, people are extremely easy to manipulate through content, and if you are a real sociopath you can push an agenda, or just get people to buy your bs product, which is all social media is, a marketplace masquerading as a 'social network' to connect people. That and literal government/batshit crazy groups propaganda. Sites like the Huddle are 'better' in that we are all here based on our shared interest of football and the Carolina Panthers, as opposed to being on the site because 'its the site everybody in the world is on'.  All of that is to say social media isn't going anywhere, and the algorithms will make it more addicting as time goes on. Like there is no stopping it. Your kids will be addicted to whatever the popular app is, and the app will raise your children. That app will raise everybody's child, and you can see how this ultimately changes society as a whole. To compare it to TV is severely misguided.
    • Favre has a super bowl and is a HOF. Il take the gunslinger. Also, those throws weren’t gunslinger, they were anticipation and ball placement, nfl throws. 
    • Yeah this is a light hearted thread. Though I didn't know CJ was very vocal about his families issues with the prison system. Whether people like it or not I like a guy that will speak his mind and not walk on eggshells  Was blessed to be able to have a great dinner the other night to discuss and shine light on prison reform and our corrupt criminal justice system and how we can get things fixed. Was able to explain my story and how this issue has effected my life and so many more families around the country.
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