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Raiders fire their leadership

Mr. Scot

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29 minutes ago, Mr. Scot said:

You are living in a parallel universe...or more correctly, a fantasy world.

I like Steve Wilks, but as a head coach he's heavily overrated by the fanbase here for last season.

Hell, he's running a defense with some of the best talent in the league and in danger of getting fired.

Exactly, he wasn't a good HC and helped us win 7 games.

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1 hour ago, OldhamA said:

I feel like I'm living in a parallel universe. 

We won 7 games with f'in Steve Wilks, the much maligned Sam Darnold and PJ Walker last season.

How are expectations now "well it's a first year coach and a rookie QB (that we sold the f'in farm for), so be happy with getting your ass kicked every week"??!?!?!?

COMPLETELY different team this year.  Completely.  

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Only thing I like about this is that I now strongly believe you should always hire your coach and GM together. It's the only way to ensure a full reset, no baggage, and sends a message to the next tandem that they must work together for results.  That said - the new GM should be able to hire his own choice of Head Coach.  

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1 hour ago, methodtoll said:

Any bets that Belichick gets fired in NE and McDaniels ends up as HC? 

I think there was at one point a path for McD in New England.....but he now has 2 shitshow attempts at HC.  You generally never see folks get a 3rd attempt after being horrific 2 places. 


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2 minutes ago, OldhamA said:

Exactly, he wasn't a good HC and helped us win 7 games.

...against mostly terrible teams.

He really only had one quality win (Detroit) but also one painful loss in a horribly coached game against the Bucs where he stood by and watched Mike Evans score the same way repeatedly.

That performance probably cost him the job as much as anything else.

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5 minutes ago, RumHam said:

They waited until after the deadline so Adams wouldn't leave lol

Adams basically since last year

I’ve made a huge mistake gif 15 » GIF Images Download

I mean, it wasn't even a secret.  Adams 1000% went to the Raiders to play ball with his friend.  And then they benched and fired his friend when he got there. 

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24 minutes ago, mrcompletely11 said:

McDaniels wasnt making "newbie" mistakes, he just sucked as a coach.  And as far as their GM goes I think Davis is taking the (correct IMO) approach of bringing the gm and coach in together so they are both in agreement and have the same timeline.

But again I get your overall thought process but mcdaniel just really sucks and he has sucked at 2 places now.

Fitterer is most certainly regressing and lord knows what Reich is doing, he comes off very Rhuleesque in some of his pressers.

Josh had a track record of not improving so he deserved to get fired. It also seemed like he lost the locker room with Adams and even Renfro.

Davis is still an idiot owner though. 12 head coaches in the past 22 years. He doesn’t know what he’s doing.

I think Fitt is realizing just how much Pete Carrol helped his GM all those years. A consensus GM only works when your coaches and owner aren’t complete @ss.

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7 hours ago, Mr. Scot said:

Balls aren't much good without brains.

Unless Davis goes outside for help, the next GM and coach will still be his pick.

(and probably be lousy...again)

He can't even take advice on a haircut, I'm not holding out hope on his picking a HC or GM.

It has been a long, long, long time since the Raiders were the Raiders. There's no feel of the dangerous group of misfits and bad dudes anymore. Their fan base is scarier than the team.

(obligatory Marc Davis haircut gif)

Mark Davis Sport GIF by UFC

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3 minutes ago, NAS said:

Only thing I like about this is that I now strongly believe you should always hire your coach and GM together. It's the only way to ensure a full reset, no baggage, and sends a message to the next tandem that they must work together for results.  That said - the new GM should be able to hire his own choice of Head Coach.  

Dave Ziegler, hired January 30th 2022...

Josh McDaniels, hired January 31st 2022

I've seen a couple of people talk about simultaneous hiring as if it were some kind of guarantee for success. 

It really isn't. McDaniels and Ziegler were hired together. Hell, they even had an extensive background of working together.

Hiring circumstances don't guarantee anything.

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