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How accurate is Madden for coaches?

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The base concepts and formations are probably far more realistic than most people give credit. You just won’t see any shifts or many pre-snap motions that teams actually run. 

I have a feeling Madden 25 will take Madden 24s Bucs and Seattle playbook and give it to the Panthers, where in real life Caneles will make some minor changes that fit Bryce and the roster better. 

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Maybe I'm wrong, but I thought I had read awhile back that some players use Madden to learn the playbook, especially rookies. I'm surprised teams don't have some intern going into Madden and creating a custom playbook of plays that resemble what they are going to run and have players use it.

The generic playbooks are probably more accurate for teams that have had coaches in place for awhile rather than new coaches.

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9 hours ago, CamWhoaaCam said:

Fug Madden!


I'm ready for EA college football 25.


Can't wait till I go undefeated with coach Prime and Colorado. It's gonna be like reality.

Well I'll be unrealistic and take UNC Charlotte all the way like I did for 14 or whatever their last year was. Only this time I won't have to create them.

Transfer portal FTW.

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They approximate “styles” and even then it’s often lazy giving a general concept. The nuances of many schemes they leave to the “player adjustments” aspect which itself is a limited remedy. Things like motion are where it can break the game and end up being weird locked in routes.

Defense is horribly neglected. 

it’s not a horrible product but as a yearly consumer it’s perpetually disappointing.  The online play still suffers from certain glitches that are 10 years old 

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NFL 2k I think was peak fun football video game for me.  I played Madden a few times on game pass, and I wasn't really enjoying it.  It's just not my cup of tea anymore.  Now give me some techno superbowl!  Four curls, hit the TE, and turbo your way to 90 point games 😃

But as far as gaming goes, they want the super star appeal more than anything  No matter the team, you're probably going to gravitate to similar plays based on how you like to play.  I have some students who are obsessed with Madden, but it seems to me that they don't care about the content of the plays, but the team and players.

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it depends on the team. they majorly overhauled the ravens a few years ago when they changed things up. I swear this team consistently has about the worst play selection in the game.

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