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Where will the wins come from? (my early predictions)


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Posted (edited)
5 hours ago, Basbear said:

DL doesn't look bad compared to other groups- Turtle, Dbrown, Clowney, Robinson, and wonnum. That's 5 guys that are or have been solid or above average for most of their careers. In fact Id say its the strength of the panthers. No ones too old or coming off a bad injury. 

Depth-wise it is down right bad, just need to avoid injuries much like LB.

I agree with you about finding just win, I got them match last seasons 2 wins. 

*I still feel NFC south is wild enough that if the planets align, panthers *could cash in their lotto ticket winner and shock the world. Cousins setback and penix sucks. LOL @ carr and HC Dennis Allen. TB used their luck and bakers play comes back to earth. Young shows he deserves that #1 pick and evero calls a masterful year.......... .0000000001567399% chance. Thats the best I can hope for, tons of miracles.....

brown and clowney are the only accomplished starters. The other guys are journeyman. 

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17 hours ago, Panthercougar68 said:

7 wins gets Canales a statue. I see that 5-6 range. Good class to be in the top 10 for a pass rusher too.

i feel the same way. With what DE's and Corners are getting i'd love Pearce from TN at DE or any of the elite CBs. Travis Hunter, Will Johnson, or Benjamin Morrison. 

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1 hour ago, rayzor said:

I think we win 6 games heading into the bye (sweeping the saints).

Then only 2 after the bye (the brutal part).

Come away with 8 wins.

I'll take it

Drinking early are we? Seriously,  if they pull that off I may have to give D&D a little credit. I'm not seeing it but I love the enthusiasm. 

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On 5/15/2024 at 11:10 PM, NAS said:

Week 1: Sept. 8 at New Orleans  (L)

  • Saints away is always tough even when we're the better team.  Saints win 

Week 2: Sept 15 vs. Los Angeles Chargers (L)

  • Jim Harbaugh,  Justin Herbert - enough said.

Week 3: Sept 22 at Las Vegas  (maybe?)

  • Gardner Minshew doesn't scare me but the Raiders defense should be good.  I'm 50/50 on this one

Week 4: Sept. 29 vs. Cincinnati  (L)

  • No chance against Burrow and Chase 

Week 5: Oct. 6 at Chicago (W)

  • This better be a win, I think Caleb Williams will be a bust

Week 6: Oct. 13 vs. Atlanta (L)

  • Falcons will be the best team in the division and will sweep us

Week 7: Oct. 20 at Washington  (W)

  • I'll pencil in a win against Washington with a new (old) coach and new QB

Week 8: Oct. 27 at Denver (L)

  • If this was at home I would choose us, but I don't see us winning at Mile High

Week 9: Nov. 3 vs. New Orleans (W)

  • This should be a close game at home. Hopefully the team starts to gel a bit more and we pull off a W.

Week 10: Nov. 10 vs. N.Y. Giants (Munich, Germany) (L)

  • Giants don't scare me, except maybe Burns in this game.  I think we lose a close one

Week 11: Nov. 17 BYE

Week 12: Nov. 24 vs. Kansas City (L)

  • We'll get crushed

Week 13: Dec. 1 vs. Tampa Bay (W)

  • Team plays inspired football to help Canales beat his old team

Week 14: Dec 8 at Philadelphia (L)

  • no chance

Week 15: Dec: 15 vs. Dallas (L)

  • this will be a home game for Dallas

Week 16: Dec. 22 vs. Arizona (W)

  • we always do well against Arizona

Week 17: Dec. 29 at Tampa Bay (L)

  • revenge game for TB who will be playing for division title

Week 18: Jan. 4 or 5 at Atlanta (L)

  • Falcons win the division

5 wins would be a great year for this team after what happen last years.

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7 hours ago, Jackie Lee said:

So what wasn't good enough in 2020-2022 would be great now? The bar is so low

The expectations for this team and especially Young are so low it’s ridiculous. 5 wins is great now? I guess that’s where we are. Fug

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2 hours ago, Shotgun said:

The expectations for this team and especially Young are so low it’s ridiculous. 5 wins is great now? I guess that’s where we are. Fug

That's just a start. Not a lot of reason to believe we'll own it all....not yet anyways.

The goal right now is to be better and get better every year. We're digging ourselves out of a hole. Got to be realistic about the immediate outcome.

Once we get out and get a feel for the land above ground we can get some confidence about where we're heading.

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14 hours ago, Jon Snow said:

Drinking early are we? Seriously,  if they pull that off I may have to give D&D a little credit. I'm not seeing it but I love the enthusiasm. 

Sober. Still feeling it.

I really like how the schedule is laid out for us. Perfect for a new HC and rebuilding team. Aside from the Bengals, there aren't  any good teams before the bye.

Chargers will be, but they're having to figure poo out just like we are and they'll be coming here for an early game. That one is a toss up. I like our defense against them.

I think we'll give the Bengals a fight, but I wouldn't put money on us winning that one.

But the saints can be swept. They're beat up and just don't have much going on. They'll be at the bottom of the division.

I feel like we will split with the falcons and the bucs.

There's nothing scary about the raiders or that washington team.

Chicago is another toss up, but they aren't scary either....not yet anyways. We're getting them early in the season so I like our chances. I especially like our defense against a rookie QB.

And the broncos....boring.

Giants....again, boring.

Looking at this, we've got a good defensive thing going on. I think the unit will be better this year a d we're in season 2 of Evero. I like us especially against rookie QBs, and we'll have at least 3 we're facing before the bye.

We come in and play smash mouth football and just keep hitting (pounding) away and I think we're competitive.

It's that schedule after the bye that scares me. Hopefully by that point they've built up a lot of confidence.

You get a scrappy dawg that's got some confidence and a lot of fight in him and you've always got a shot. I think that's what we'll be this year.

This year isn't about winning all the games. It's about building confidence and learning what we've got to do.

But looking at that later schedule and it's not horrible. We've got the eagles and chiefs....that's scary, but then we've got the cardinals and cowboys at home...and it's the cowboys in December. When have they been scary in December?

And we've got division games in there as well.

I think we'll do ok. The more I look at it, the better I feel about it.

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