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Kurt Coleman Info

Jeremy Igo

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As most Carolina Panthers fans google Kurt Coleman, I thought maybe I would make it a little easier to learn a bit about him. 


Kurt Coleman

Can play both strong safety and free safety. 

Age: 26

5'10 195lbs

Selected in the 7th round of the 2010 draft by Philadelphia. Spent his rookie year with Panthers Defensive Coordinator Sean McDermott. After spending 4 seasons in Philadelphia, he played a year in Kansas City where he began to come into his own. 


According to the Kansas City Star ... 




Coleman, a pending free agent, also contributed on special teams, racked up 37 tackles, six pass deflections and a team-high three interceptions, despite playing only 396 of 1,086 possible defensive snaps in a reserve role. What’s more, his Pro Football Focus grade of plus-4.6 ranked 26th among 87 qualifying safeties.
It was, to be sure, a bit of a redemptive year for Coleman, who averaged 85 tackles, 4 1/2 deflections and three interceptions as a starter in Philadelphia in 2011 and 2012 for Chiefs coach Andy Reid. However, he also battled injuries in 2012, and his play suffered. His Pro Football Focus grade of negative-15.5 ranked 85th among 88 safeties who logged at least 25 percent of their team’s defensive snaps.


The article, written a month ago, holds Coleman in a very positive light. 


I see many people compare him to Thomas Decoud, which isn't a very good comparison at all. Decoud finished the 2014 season with a -5.8 on pro football focus, a 10 point swing from Coleman. Decoud also is a few years removed from playing his best football. Coleman just had his best season as a pro in 2014. At only 26 years of age there is a good chance the Panthers are signing him on the upswing of his career. 


This isn't the type of big name signing that gets the casual fans excited, At the absolute worst, Coleman is solid veteran depth at both safety positions and adds special teams expertise. At best, he could supplant Harper or Boston as a staring safety. 


This is a solid signing that all Panthers fans should be happy about. 



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This is a solid signing that all Panthers fans should be happy about. 


but I never heared of him before....


3 years in and this is what DG seems to do, find somebody that is hungry to prove himself. Hopefully we have turned a corner that we will be able to keep some of these players that do it. fingers crossed!

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As has been said...at worst, he's quality ST and depth. 



But I like the guy's confidence, thinking he should be and will compete for a starting job. I want players in the secondary to be confident, and frankly his belief in himself will only push Boston more if nothing else. Or get Harper off the field more. 

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The most interesting news to me is that yet another FA signing gets a 2-year deal.

In 2013 Gettleman handed out a ton of 1-year deals (Munnerlyn, Mitchell, Ginn, Mikell, Florence, etc) and after some of those guys had breakout seasons they left and got paid. It left a lot of holes on the team and forced Dave to really hit a grand slam in back to back seasons on his cheap FA signings because of our cap situation. He swung for the fences again but missed badly on a few guys.

To me this is a sign of Dave adapting and making changes. And most importantly, learning from his mistakes. He's still sticking to his philosophy and gameplan, but he's improving upon it. He's confident that he can do his homework and find talented players that are cheap. But instead of giving them 1-year deals he's locking them up for 2-years. Now if any of these guys have a breakout season we get them for a cheap 2nd year instead of having to overpay them or lose them as a FA and have holes on the team all over again.

I like it.


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