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What Saints Fans are Saying

Jeremy Igo

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I actually feel for the Saints fans, their organization failed to get sufficient compensation for Jimmy Graham and to beat it all, they claimed and I indirectly quote whomever said it in the Saints organization to some extent " We want to run the ball down people's throats". Sorry, but in today's NFL if you want to "Run it down people's throats", you need a good defense and front 7 pass rush. Also if I'm going to trade Jimmy Graham which I don't think should have even happened, I have to realize that it pretty much fugs Drew Brees over. You take away your HOF Quarterback's favorite target in the redzone and on third down, apparently the Seachicken's haven't figured out exactly how to use Graham yet.


You can line Graham up at WR 1 and throw a back shoulder pass, and there will be no CB in the NFL that can guard it. The defense can put whoever they want on him, I have confidence that with Brees nobody can cover that man. Also obviously the Defense will adjust accordingly out of the huddle when it breaks, to maybe line their most physical imposing linebacker up at the Cornerback 1 position to cover him assuming Jimmy goes out on a 5'10 cornerback weighing 180 pounds. However, the Saints used different formations and Audibles changing plays at the Line of Scrimmage that forced the Defense to have to adjust way too quickly.


Their Organization failed miserably, and that pretty much sums it all up. All I'm saying is if I'm going to trade for someone it'll be Bruce Irvin. Hell, maybe even Rolondo Mcclain from Dallas. (They could have used CJ Spiller) It's pretty much a buy and then sell a player . I'm no cap guru and it's probably best if I wasn't a GM but you need to get help for your team if you say you're going to be a tough hard nosed football team and don't even have a good Defense to back it up, then it's pretty much a joke.

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Is this thread smack-approved?  Because if not, it's going to need to be asap.  We all know where this is going.  But I will say this, and I find it odd, this is the third week of the season and I'm yet to see an infiltration of opposing fans signing up or posting.  In years past, this was a given no matter who we were playing, regardless of either team's record.

Where the hell is everyone?

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