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Panthers receiver Devin Funchess

Jeremy Igo

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No way!

1. Exorcist - still the scariest movie of all time

2. Jaws - actually made people stop going to the beach for a couple of years

3. Shining - creepy as all get out, but no where near the other two. Would actually put Seven above it in creepiness factor though.

Couple of years?

Heck, some in my generation never went back in the ocean.

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Great Job again Jeremy but you know that.  I spend all day, literally, at work (8am - 10pm) and when I see your podcast I wait till I am off to listen to it.   Don't want any distractions.   You and Sammi Jo do a wonderful job and I love the interviews.

What an great compliment to R. Proehl "Smooth as all outdoors".  Our receivers as so blessed to have RP.

There are some that want to hang the "Bust" label on Funchess.  He's what 21.  Still growing.  He has a great coach, a good partner in KB and I think very soon he is going to start paying dividends.

Once again.  Thanks for the great podcast.

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This may be a little controversial but I am going to say it.  I was not very impressed with Devin Funchess in that interview.  Unlike other players you have had, that seem to have a drive for greatness, he did not.  It is really hard to describe why I felt so offput by him.  It was a combination of his responses and attitude.  


I hope he proves me wrong, but I just did not hear the things I wanted to hear.  

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I know it's blasphemy in the realm of scary movies, of which I consider myself very much a connoisseur, but the original Blair Witch Project was a pretty damn scary movie because of the tense buildup. No jump scares or anything like that, just intensity. 

As far as modern ones I thought The Conjuring was pretty scary though.

I dare anyone to watch the Blair Wich Project and go camping that night. When I got done watching it, I thought , "That was different and interesting, but not really scary." Then I went outside to smoke and every time a bird moved a leaf, I poo my pants.

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The opening scene is like 10 minutes.  No idea what you are talking about. I think u have the wrong movie. 


Yeah I just checked it's like exactly 10 minutes. I've gotten mixed up somewhere.

Ha! You don't know what stupid is until you sit through those first 10 minutes of The Exorcist in a dark theater with the original subliminal pictures flashing the whole time. I was high as a kite & saw every one of those pictures clearly so that movie never scared me. My friends who were sober, however, never knew what hit them lol. Subliminal messaging became illegal & they were later removed from the film.

Now, Jaws was a different story. 

Jeepers Creepers remains the scariest for me because of the ending. I will not watch a torture-of-any-kind movie.

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