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Official Panthers - Seahawks Gameday Thread

Jeremy Igo

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Today the Carolina Panthers can earn respect across the country by finally defeating the Seattle Seahawks. 

I am in Seattle and will be covering the action from the field. Follow @carolinahuddle on twitter for updates. 

Who: Carolina Panthers at Seattle Seahawks

Where: Centurylink Field

When: 4:00 EST


Panthers Keys to Victory

- Find a pass rush. The Panthers are playing a very bad offensive line. They have to find a way to apply pressure to Russell Wilson. 

- Big Plays. The Panthers will need at least two big passing plays for 30+ yards to keep that Seattle defense somewhat honest. Ted Ginn has had a good year, he is needed again now. 

- Let Cam be Cam. Cam is having a MVP year and is hungry for a win today. Turn him loose. Heck, I would be fine with Cam calling the plays all day today.


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My key to the game is Luke Kuechly. It may be hard for him to get into a groove, but we need him to shake it off to stymie Seattle's production. 

Third down conversions allowed are crucial, as we haven't been able to get posing teams off of the field without a turnover. This is where it's good to have Luke back. 

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Honestly, I can't remember the last Panthers regular season game that matched the excitement that I have for this game.  There have been games with bigger playoff implications, but I'm looking forward to this game more than I have any Panthers non-playoff game in an extremely long time.  There are so many questions that can be answered by this team today.  Are we as good as we think we are?  Can we finally beat the Seahawks?  Has Cam Newton taken that next step completely?  

Regardless of if we win or lose, the most important thing is how we play.  Seattle is a very good football team that plays their best ball at home.  I want to see a turnover-free, competitive game from the Panthers.

And on the subject of regular season games I have highly anticipated, this is probably up there for me with:
2008 MNF vs Buccaneers, 2013 MNF vs Patriots, 2013 vs Saints (2nd game).  There are probably a couple of more like from 2005, but we had kind of a big gap between playoff appearances.  I guess you could throw '14 vs Falcons (2nd game) in there, but that was basically a playoff game.

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Very excited for this one.  There is one thing that worries me about this game and that is the punt team against Tyler Lockett.  Every time we lose to Seattle it is because of of one or two plays.  If we lose I think it will be because of a big return(s) as that part of the team has been shaky for us.  We are a better team than Seattle, if the Special Teams plays them even then we will be 5-0 at days end.

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Two key strategies for offensive success IMO:

1) The Seahawks will be without Jordan Hill, their stud DT. So, we need to run J-Stew up the middle relentlessly. Do not rely on the read option run game vs the Seahawks. They're way too good and fast at defending it.

2) Get Ted Ginn lots of touches in the short and intermediate passing game as well as a few timely deep shots off play-action. Ted Ginn has elite speed and will be a mismatch all over the field. I really liked Shula calling a crossing pattern for him in the Bucs game. We need more of that.

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To all Panther fans, this is the most exciting (and important) game of the year.  We get this win and that would do so much for the team going forward.  I hope Rivera has the team pumped to the point of explosion.  I agree with Jeremy on letting Cam be Cam.  I have a good feeling about this game. 

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