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Official Panthers - Saints Gameday Thread

Jeremy Igo

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2 minutes ago, Lords0fPain said:

they had to give their fans their moneys worth...just wish they would have just made it easy...keep pounding Cardiac Cats

I got my monies worth..  Bet the over lol.   Good game but holy crap i. hate division games.   


And alot of thirty penalaties kept us in it.  We gotta regroup after this one.  

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Like I said when we were down 14 cam wanted a come from behind win to further his mvp run. I will give saints credit though if they played like that every week they would have a better record... Go panthers  12-0 I hope this was a wake up call to not come in flat they are hunted within the division 

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Signs of a good team:


1. Play physical football - check!

2. Make the plays when it counts - check!

3. Have each other's backs, when one side of the ball is having a tough day, the other side picks it up for them - check and double check!


Here's to a good team win today. No bitching about them guys.. they played tough and won, which is all we can ever ask for. Great job Panthers!!

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1 minute ago, Davidson Deac II said:

Key play of the game.  Cam Newton's toss to Greg Olsen with the shoestring catch on 4th down.  Not only did it pick up the first down, it caused Payton to use up a time out in a challenge.  Having that timeout would have caused NO to play that last minute differently.  Huge huge play on several levels 

One of Cam's few bad passes of the day. That might of been the best and biggest catch of Olsen's career.

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