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49ers trading up to number 3 with Miami!

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I don't understand all the existential dread on this topic...  absolutely zero of these QB's have proven they will be dominant in the NFL, let alone become an established starter...

Ryan Leaf, Jamarcus Russell, RG3, Jameis Winston, Marcus Mariota, Mitch Trebisky, Sam Darnold, Sam Rosen (remember him), etc, etc, etc, etc... the list never ever ends of top-drafted QB's that either flame out entirely or at least with their drafted team.

Honestly, even if we draft a QB high, Teddy is/was almost assuredly going to be our starter going into the season and potentially for all of it.

We were all set to go all-in on Watson... thank God we didn't trade for him and then have all this crap happen.

I love the Panthers, but all the stars would have to align for us to overtake Tampa this year, even had we gotten Watson.

We are not 1 player away... of course every team wants to find their franchise guy... but that doesn't happen more often than it does...

Everyone wants better QB play, but short-circuiting a team that is being built the right way to do so isn't going to help us in the long-term.

Statistics tell us it is an almost certainty that at least 2 of the top 4 QB's (Lawrence, Wilson, Fields, Lance) are going to be massive disappointments.

I understand you have to take a chance to get one of these young QB's, but there is no guarantee this is going to work out for the Niners... 

But it's much easier to make the case that they should make that risk versus the Panthers since they really are arguably one player away

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4 minutes ago, Harbingers said:

#2 = 3 first(maybe 4), plus a second this year. Ouch. 

More probably.  They gave up 3 first round picks.   Our point differential is even bigger to get to 2.  

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Curious to know if any of these folks screaming that they won't watch if Bridgewater is starting will make good on their word. 👀

Prove It The Kid Mero GIF by Desus & Mero

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Whelp. Guess my Sundays got freed up. I could tolerate watching Bridgewater if his replacement was behind him. 
But I’ll be damned if I watch this terrible QB be the only option in 2021. 
Thanks for nothing Hurney. Screw this team. 

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Just now, TheRumGone said:

Lance would thrive in SF

I agree. I have no idea how guys in the draft will turn out but I would not be surprised to see people's basement mock drafts all turned to rubbish come draft day. It happens every year and still people will call you dumb for making a bold draft prediction or say a guy is a "lock" to go anywhere

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14 minutes ago, Harbingers said:

Yes. If we suck we draft the UNC QB next year. 

Problem as far I seen Howell is the only surefire 1st round QB. There is Rattler from OU and I think maybe JT Dainels out of UGA has a good shots as well, but Howell is the only dude I see for next year that has true franchise potential.


I would like to get a good look at Kellen Mond tho. He reminds me a lot of Tannehill and everything I heard wrong with him could probably be fixed by coaching.  

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