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Ian Rappoport: Multiple teams interested in trading for Teddy Bridgewater

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13 minutes ago, MHS831 said:

Personally, on day three of the draft, there are 2 QBs that might be worth drafting and developing for 2 years behind Darnold (assuming they are there, and that is unclear):

Kyle Trask

Jamie Newman

Both have skills and both were damaged by circumstances.  Trask had an inconsistent supporting cast (except one TE) and during the bowl, they opted out.  His performance looked like the first day of spring practice.  Newman just needs coaching--but he was once projected as a first round hopeful this year--was supposed to go to Ga from WF and make that name for himself.  A lot of technical issues, but he has flashed.

I really like Newman’s potential. He was a let down at the Senior Bowl, the rust was bad due to not playing last year. In the right situation, with the right staff he could become a solid QB IMO. Wouldn’t be upset if we took him in round 4 or later. The good news is Rhule got a close look at him during the Senior Bowl, so he should have a good evaluation of him. I’m just not sure Trask has the arm to be anything more than a backup. He has a similar skill set as Teddy.

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26 minutes ago, Moonstone said:

If we don't trade Teddy for reasonable draft pick(s) before the season starts, I see no reason to not keep him on the team for the upcoming season. Someone's starting QB may get injured and with that comes potential of trading Teddy to (possibly) QB needy team (may squeeze better compensation in that situation than now).

Do we stand to gain anything financially by cutting him ?

8M. But this team doesn’t seem to mind throwing money away when it comes to Teddy. 

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Agonizing over the cost of moving on is akin to crying over spilt milk. It's already happened. This possible outcome was set in stone when he signed on the dotted line. We took a gamble. It didn't work out. The only thing to do now is what is best for the team and the overall trajectory of the upcoming season. If that means removing a possible distraction at a cost then so be it.

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8 hours ago, Michael G said:

We would gain a couple of Million in cap room but incur a huge dead cap hit depending on when we cut him.


Ignore dead cap. The only dead cap we have is already sunk costs (signing bonus) and the guaranteed salary for 2021 ($10M, hence the hope we trade him).

As posted above, no matter how you slice it, we save $8M this year (his non guaranteed salary) and whatever his 2022 salary is.

This reminds me of the awful arguments people had for keeping Short since we didn’t save much cap because they couldn’t get that by keeping a player you push out cap to the next year so it didn’t seem like we saved much. In the end we wasted $13M more cap space for shitty play in 2 games. It made no sense to keep an expensive and ineffective Short last year and it makes no sense to do the same this year with a QB that isn’t in our future plans.

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4 hours ago, kungfoodude said:

Still waiting for these amazing deals we would be offered for Teddy. Huddle experts told me he was worth so much.

I think Rhule and Brady will see how the competition between Teddy and Sam plays out before deciding which to trade.

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I dont think he is getting traded. Why would anybody want to give up anything for him when they know he will probably be cut soon anyhow? He does not have the extreme talent that would make a team want to jump up before he is cut to grab him in order to keep others from getting him.

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