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Whatever happened to Earl Thomas?

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13 minutes ago, RandomPanthersFan said:

Any chance you could you sum it up for those of us who don’t have a subscription? I am curious about why he hasn’t been signed. 

He was basically a complete locker room cancer. He was allowed to do things in Seattle that didn't hurt the team because he had better players around him on that defense. Then he got more and more full of himself and basically became a cancerous player.

It is a shame because his work ethic at one time was considered exceptional. Something happened in his psyche that eventually made him a guy no one wanted to play with anymore..

I wouldn't touch him with a ten foot pole after reading that. Not to mention he is 32 now. I doubt he has anything left in the tank.

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Bad exit in Seattle(he had a point) 

Bad exit in Ravens, players wanted him out. Then add in the gangbang him and his bro had that resulted in his wife showing up with a gun. 

Unfortunately I think he's done 

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10 minutes ago, R2-D2 said:

Kinda hard to come back from getting caught having group sex with multiple women and your brother. 

That had a lot less to do with it than multiple teams saying they didn't want him on the team(including a prospective team).

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1 hour ago, SizzleBuzz said:

Is this illegal?

They forgot to mention when he ripped open his hand punching through his wife’s parent’s window on Christmas after getting sloshed instead of visiting with his kids which resulted in a protective order.

Multiple players from different teams in NFL have spoke out they do not want him in the locker room period. That says a lot.

I think one team even had him come work out for them to ‘assess his mental state’ (forgot who it was) and very quickly said fug no.

He is unstable and surrounds him self with unstable people (shocking). 

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I didn't mind when he flipped Seattle the bird, I kind of enjoyed it. 

In all fairness he meant as much to the D as any other player and he wanted some guaranteed money. He didnt get it and got hurt, after that he kind of went batshit crazy.

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