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OTA tweets....still no Robby

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4 minutes ago, BigAggieLean. said:

Can’t even be upset with Robby. 

He will probably not match last seasons production with a new QB, the return of CMC, and the new additions on offense. That might lower a contract he could get on the market next offseason, and it’s pretty obvious the panthers are moving on after this season. 

Give me an extension or trade me, now. 

Yeah, if he knows he is getting the boot after this year, I don't blame him.

It sucks for us as fans but that is the business part of the NFL. Get it while you can.

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we'll be better with him, but we'll be fine without him.

he is, after all, at best the 3rd option and Terrace and even Shi will probably take a lot of targets from him.

go or stay...we'll be ok. he's got to do what's best for him and it's pretty obvious that he isn't really a significant part of our plans going forward. get what you can when you can.

just like any other player, if he's here I'm a fan.

If he goes to another team good luck unless you are playing us then I wish for you failure at that moment. Aside from that....he's just another guy.

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1 minute ago, Ricky Spanish said:

Not Mandatory yet. I'll worry about it when it is. 

That's the thing. He doesn't have to be here now. He knows enough of the system. He's got more experience with the new QB than anyone. 

There is reason to be annoyed, but it's not crucial that he be there. Until we don't see him for mandatory workouts, there's no reason to get worked up. 

I'm just glad we've got the turnout we do for workouts that aren't mandatory (unlike a good few teams out there). it's a really good sign. 

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