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Will winning cure all Panthers ills?


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45 minutes ago, Basbear said:

Ive been trying to get most to realize Trepper could not fire everyone 1 month form TC start while you are holding mini camps/OTAs. My guess is Richardson did the final "sale' on that date for the reason being you couldnt fire people. RR is a very likable person and Herniay is in the running for best ass-kisser in milky way history. Trepper was new to everyday NFL ownership and Herniay cast his spells. RR sold him on "100% health" better mechanical Cam and fixing the D by running an 3-4 hybrid.  

I would have fell for that impressive trap, I dont blame Trepper ANY for his pass judgement. He has his bearings now. At first was not a big believer in his choice of Rhule, but Ive been very impressed with how he handled what was the toughest start in NFL to any coach's career. Now that Rhule is able to coach in person at a training camp, I see more of what Trepper already knew. Rhule is building something...


Now, don't take this personally. But there is only 1 r in Tepper. lol

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I'm one to give us a reset on the back to back winning season narrative.  This is a new regime with a new owner.  The days of Fox and Rivera are gone and so should the whining about back to back winning seasons.

If Rhule and Co. come out and have a winning season I won't be crying about waiting until 2023 for another winning season.  I believe we'll continue that success.

If we start 4-0 It will give this team some great confidence for the rest of the season.   IMO it all lies on our O-Line and Darnold.  If the O-line gels together and Darnold limits the mistakes we'll score enough points to win.   Our defense is going to keep us in games and might even win one or two. 

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