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Was Rhule Blaming the Defense or Acknowledging Something Else**


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1 hour ago, Panthera onca said:

We need Burris back. For as much grief as he gets on here he is light years better than Franklin. OL is what it is, not much to do about it until the offseason.

Franklin is not good at all…he cost us big time

when will Burris be back?

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4 hours ago, thennek said:

Actually- one could argue special teams lost the game. That blocked punt was the beginning of the end. Even with all of the offensive woes the Panthers still win without the blocked punt….

I don't think it's any argument at all.

I think it's fact.

We were on our way to a very ugly win but a WIN nonetheless.  (ST ultimately prevented 4-1)

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I’ll say the same thing I said about Ron 

every single one of these players were assembled either this year or last year by Rhule 

Some drafted. Some FAs. Some he decided to retain 

The players didn’t drop from the sky onto the field in a Panthers uniform  

the buck stops right at his $65 million desk. No one else   Fitterer is here and he may advise but the buck stops with MR  

oline has not been his priority. Plain  and simple.  He should not be surprised at the results.  No one should 

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1 hour ago, glenwo2 said:

Because he might've gotten phone call from Tepper just prior.  😈

That OL question shook him. He's not an idiot. He knows this OL is trash. Fitts has been making calls. There's nothing out there to be had. The only hope for a better OL this season is playing the rookies and letting them learn in the job. As for the vets, it's probably time to go back and reevaluate everything. Are they playing the right positions for this roster? For instance, Erving's best spot might be LT but this roster might require him to play LG.

It's blatantly obvious that the initial plan has been producing disastrous results. Back to the drawing board on the OL and that probably entails just reshuffling the current deck.


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He said what he did about the defense to show that it's a team sport. He wasn't going to let the media grab onto the narrative that it was only the play of the offense that lost that game. 

Because the bottom line is: he doesn't want a divided locker room. He's not to going to say that but that is the reason for spreading the blame around. When you start talking about it is when it happens. And that is the last thing any team needs.

Matt Rhule is a very smart man. 

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