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How does it feel ?

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it's rough, i kno.. but i find myself less and less upset after games because I don't expect to win anymore.. fuggin sad.. I used to think - "Maybe if we get Cam in here.." "Maybe if the O-line can block.." "Maybe if we get a better play caller.."

It all doesn't matter because - the fish rots from the head down.. Matt Rhule has got to go before I give a decimal amount of my heart to this team again..

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11 hours ago, CPantherKing said:

I saw this coming since 2013 with Gettleman, and I knew Rhule was going to continue the tailspin.

This has been in the works since Gettleman chipped away at the team that was built for 2013 and won in spite of him in 2015. A ton of leadership and talent on that team (Gross, Kaill, Wharton, Olsen, Smitty, Cam, DWill, JStew, Tolbert, Johnson, Luke, TD, Anderson, Addison, Captain, Norman, Blackburn, Beason, and Mitchell) was widdled down by 2017. Gone too were Beane and McDermott. In came the new ownership who followed up the Gettleman fiasco with this Rhule implosion. The years of Gettleman and Rhule have left this team with nothing to stand on now. The Panthers had the foundation for a dynasty of 10 to 20 years of success. Yes, it may have been hot and cold until McDermott and Beane took over, but the pieces were all in place. Shows you how 2 really bad decisions on leadership with Gettleman and Rhule can put a team into a 10 to 20 year tailspin.

The Panthers do have the pieces in place for a miracle turn around, but they will need one of the best coach/gm combos to pull it off.

Yeah, we should have stayed the course with Marty fuging Hurney. If only we gave him a second chance to redeem himself. 

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8 hours ago, Day1PanthersFan said:

This season is like watching someone you care about being tortured and you can't do anything about it 

I can't even stand to watch highlights 

It usually winds up being the other team's highlights lol

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I feel good.

Call me a bad Panthers fan, but the only scenarios I would have been happy to see in Rhule's 3rd year as HC were a playoff run or us totally flaming out. We are totally flaming out, so I'm cool with it. We have finally reached the end of the era of Rhule.

The scenario that would have made me the angriest is if we were mediocre.  Like a 7-win team.  That would have sucked and made me concern Rhule was brought back for a 4th.

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19 hours ago, Murph said:

No big deal. I’ve been Seifert’s bitch, Pickles’ bitch and JR’s bitch. Eventually those times led to a team worthy of a Super Bowl berth. Glass half full people. Booze will help also.

Been there, done that. Ready to do it again.

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Hurts thy soul.....


The one reminder is during the off-season, I miss it sooooooo bad, so even with these dreaded passing showcases. Im able to watch...Ive got toooo much skin in the game. Panthers are my last main sports team I follow, I dropped FF and havnt even watch thursday ball this yr........ If this type of tepper football keeps up for the next few years, it may break my cruse....But I also HATE FRONT_RUNNIMG ONLY fans, which the panthers have too many of....

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Tepper is over at the NC shoreline walking the beach one day last week all by himself...........he comes upon this lamp buried in the sand........bends over picks it up and starts to clean it off when .......poof!......out comes a Genie.

The Genie says, "I'm the Genie of the lamp and I have one wish left for anyone who want it"

Tepper says, "I have a wish (while he pulls out a piece of paper from his back pocket)..........see this paper...its a map of the Middle East .....my people and the Arabs have been fighting over land and property there for over 3,000 years............its caused great turmoil and tragedy for us and the whole world in general.......can you bring peace and prosperity to that region of the world instead of this continued fighting, tension and strife?" 

The Genie looks at the map and says, "Hmm that's a really tall order".........(then hands the paper back to Tepper) and says......"Isn't there any wish you want besides that one?"

Tepper says........"Yeah......I own this football team and I just can't seem to get a winning season and make the playoffs with them.........My wish is you give us a winning season and make the playoffs this year"

The Genie looks back and Tepper and says, " Hmm......well uh............Say, could I see that paper with the map on it again?"

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