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And now a word from Greg Olsen


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I agree with him 100%, an NFL team is an extremely HUGE machine with a ton of intricate moving parts. When you think about, an actual NFL team hierarchy is every team has 4 head coaches. 

You have the actual head coach, the CEO, he needs to be a natural born leader and visionary. Then under him you have the offensive coordinator which is like the CFO, he is in effect the head coach of the offense, the offense in and of itself is a it’s own team and the OC is pretty much the Head Coach of said team (the offense)

Same exact thing with the defense, the DC is like the COO (Chief Operating Officer) and the defensive unit is like it’s own team and the DC is like the head coach of the entire defense. 

Don’t even get me started that under the DC and OC are coaches under them.. You have QB coach, O line Coach, D line coach etc etc.

The bottom line is there are a ton and I mean a TON of moving parts to an NFL football team and while I’m not absolving Rhule in any way shape or form, I will say that it does run deeper than just one man. 

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34 minutes ago, Joe the Show said:

He managed to talk for 5 minutes without saying anything.  Impressive

He's been getting a lot of media training the last few years. He basically made it a hypothetical situation so he wouldn't have to admit that Rhule sucked, but surrounded it with personal experiences with Rivera and Wilks. Other former players haven't been as kind so far

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