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Sam Darnold


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1 minute ago, Jon Snow said:

Why are you angry at me because the team is ass? I had nothing to do with this mess. You are just an angry little man that is in a rage because I'm not upset.  Have fun with that.

Angry? You quoted me parroting one of the excuses from the early days of the Matt Rhule regime but it's my fault? Okay thanks man have a lovely evening.

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16 minutes ago, bythenbrs said:

Sam hasn’t yet mastered the art of running crisp routes, getting separation and catching his own throw.  Bad Sam.

Jimmy Clausen never had a passer rating in the single digits but I don't recall anyone in a hurry to blame everyone for his suckage.

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I don't get it. Sam was nothing but the consummate teammate even as the team and fanbase relegated him to persona non grata. He carried the clipboard, distraction-free for half a season, then when finally called upon in what seemed like a lost season, he played well enough to help us compete for the division. Yet people love to poo on him any chance they get. The biggest Darnold "fans" suggest he should get decent backup money and potentially battle it out with Corral for early starter snaps until whatever rookie QB we pick is ready to post. And yet thats just an outrageous idea and anyone who suggests it is a delusional Darnold nut hugger. I haven't seen a single post of someone suggesting Darnold is our franchise qb. But the way people are yelling at him to get out of here, you'd think that's what the conversation is about. We don't have anyone but Corral under contract for 2023. It seems like a no-brainer to offer him a backup contract. But go ahead, shower me with your poos.

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