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Reich’s description of a QB: It’s basically Corral


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32 minutes ago, BrianS said:

College tape is irrelevant.  Zak Wilson had great college tape.  Kyle Trask had great college tape.  Etc.

I'm sure Corral will get his chance, but I'll be shocked if he ends up starting next September.  I certainly wouldn't stake my season on Matt Corral as QB1 were I the head coach or GM.

No it's far from the NFL and I also doubt he starts BUT I have to say, he actually looked very impressive vs Alabama. Although they lost that game he was throwing darts out there...

Nah it's not the AFC by any means but the SEC is a pretty good test of potential. **In some cases** 

In that same game: 

  • Bryce Young (ALA): 20-of-26, 241 yards, 2 TD, INT
  • Matt Corral (MISS): 21-of-29, 213 yards, TD; 10 carries, 3 yards, TD

How will he rebound is the question. He did look pretty awful vs New England. He also looked extremely small out there. Adding weight/muscle should be one of his goals this offseason. Gotta hope

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Corral will be a "found money" guy here moving forward...  You're not counting on anything from him and moving forward as though he wont contribute, but if he develops into anything, it's found money.  

And again, we know Rhule didn't have anyone in the building prepared during his time here, but Corral looked especially bad in his limited action in the preseason.  As in over his head as Rhule looked as a coach, Corral looked equally bad as a QB.  And I had high hopes for him...  but again, he doesn't factor in the decision we make at QB moving forward.  If he comes in next year and surprises with his development, cool, then you have another asset to consider.  But he's not even on the radar as of right now.

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Matt has had a year to work on a more challenging playbook than he had at Ole Miss, but he'll be just like every other starter on April 1st learning a brand new system. 

The injury concern remains, but the bottom line is, if we draft a 1st round QB, that player is going to be given every opportunity to win the job. 

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15 minutes ago, Wundrbread33 said:

Thanks to those who actually read my post. It clear who did and who didn’t (or who are intentionally mischaracterizing what I wrote).


There is serious salt in here over Corral. I don’t get it.

No I read it.  Reich also said a QB that needs to be able to be able to play in the pocket.  Which Corral really hasn’t shown either.  

No salt either.  I really hope he develops into a Nick Foles type guy.  But the way people are being attached to a Jacob Eason, Will Grier, Ryan Finley level player thinking he’s the guy.  It wild.

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14 minutes ago, Wundrbread33 said:

Thanks to those who actually read my post. 

I also thought the same thing.."describing Corral" when he was talking to the reporter in the first interview last week. 

Realistically we dont know what we have in Corral. Next season will still be his rookie season in my eyes. Besides the mental reps, access to the team dietitian and strength and conditioning coaches, he's has extremely little experience on an NFL field. Playbook familiarity would have been a plus but even that's out the window. 

For all anyone knows, under Reich Corral might develop into Brees 2.0 with proper coaching. You just can't go into the season with him as your only viable option.  But he's still an option

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