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Regarding Matt Rhule.

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Matt Rhule is a BS artist.  Unfortunately, I’ve dealt with enough BS artists in my lifetime to not suffer them well.  That probably explains my ill feelings toward politicians.  I don’t wish any personal locusts or plagues on The Process.  I’m content if he just gets universally exposed for what he is.

It is sad if his kids get hit with some of the mud/dung slung his way.  The focus should never stray beyond the actual target.  But he created that situation.  It was not reaching beyond his ability that exposed them to the mental midgets of the world, but his constant tap-dancing to deflect any accountability or sidestep any responsibility. 

As @HPPantherzfan said earlier, if he doesn’t work out in Nebraska, his star dims.  He will be on the Bobby Petrino trajectory, hopefully without the scandal.  That means he bounces around between medium-level D1 programs and smaller schools.  Hell, if he follows the Petrino trajectory, he will spend some time back at Baylor or Temple before he is done.

I lived in the Washington, DC area for nine years, and he would fit right in there. 

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fug Rhule. He now has a lawsuit against the team for $5 million. He purposely structured his $80 million Nebraska contract to increase payout in the later years to complicate the offsetting payout contract terms with Carolina. What a greedy egotistical asshole he is. He's pissed that Wilks was a better HC than him, and he's pissed that we hired a real NFL HC in Frank.  

I think he loses the lawsuit. 


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2 hours ago, HPPantherzfan said:

He is stressed, his legacy is in question.  If he fails at Nebraska after failing here, he knows his career is basically over.  Stress is a killer, literally.  I hope he succeeds as well, I hope every human being does


that’s fake stress. he has enough money to take care of his family for several generation.

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