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I feel very strongly about this... Derek Carr.


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6 minutes ago, Harbingers said:

They also double their points allowed when he became coach, forgive me for not remembering the exact figures off hand but I think it was 449 over 227 or something to that affect. That’s a big difference. 

I don't think so.  He took over the Colts in 2018, and they scored 433 points and gave up 344.  In 2017, they scored 263 and gave up 404.  In fact, you'd have to go back to 2013 to find a year the Colts gave up less than 344.


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2 hours ago, Icege said:

I can get behind signing Carr on a 3yr deal with the final year giving the team an affordable out. While I liked Corral as a prospect, the team is able to compete now with the current roster (and current state of the NFC South) so they need to get a starting QB that can get them to the postseason. It'd also allow the team to spend that 1st round pick on BPA and make the squad even stronger overall.

My primary concern with Carr isn't his quality of play, but rather what type of contract he will be seeking. Is he going to look for a 4+ year deal from someone that believes in him and is desperate enough to try and avoid QB purgatory? That could be tough... but it's hard for me to look at Sam Darnold, Baker Mayfield, Teddy Bridgewater, PJ Walker, Matt Corral, and the shell of Cam Newton without acknowledging that Carr would be the best QB we've had since prime Cam.

Totally agreed until Corral. Corral for now as an NFL product is only something the staff at BofA and trainers can attest to and even they have yet to see him with any starting or 2nd string NFL line, wr, etc..

We have a absolutely NO idea who Matt Corral is today after strengthening studying and training at an NFL facility for almost a full season. I can only predict a trajectory from prior performance and gutt meter.

He was in line for the Heisman, check, elite performer. Leader? Going back and watching how his team played for each other with him at the center, a rag tag bunch who weren't supposed to be winning(sound familiar?)and Corral was their rally point. Check.

McAdoo said Corral was very skilled and had a big bag of tricks. HE knows more about that kid than almost anybody at this point. He described that as one of the differences between Corral and others.

What do I see in Matt Corral that I'd go all out defending his being the potential starter? More than all the skills and tricks (fade drills in camp only QB w/2 swishes) and athletic prowess as a open field runner getting yards on with his feet trucking CBs back in the day, following blocks like a RB, being and doing tougher things than 212lbs(2021) would allow, it's his HEART!

I've seen it in Jake, Smitty, Moose their size didn't matter because the fight in that dog is what ends up being lethal. Jake wasn't the best QB but he was the toughest. No fear. Brave whether it was logical or not. Same with Corral. He was already on the mend from a injury and went out and played in a Bowl game many projected first rounders would pass up because the big check was ooooh sooooo close $$$, the bag!

Matt Corral couldn't/wouldn't quit on his guys after what they had been through together because his guys weren't the top recruits in the SEC, not the strongest or fastest but together they shocked the SEC because they weren't supposed to be there beating and competing against the big boys(sound familiar).

I'll preface this by saying Smitty and Pep are both Panther legends whom I love and respect EQUALLY, but there's always been the debate around here that if you could put Steve Smith into Peps body that would be the greatest player ever.

I have the same respect for DJ but if we could put Smitty in his body we'd have...#89 reincarnate.

Like Smitty, like Jake, like Moose, Matt Corral has IT. No question!

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Corral wasn't just thinking about HIS $$$$. His guys weren't top of the SEC in anything but together with Corral(a blue chip recruit) they showed they could be NFL talent.

Corral was concerned with their futures THEIR $$$$ too.

That's leadership folks. We laughed at him being the first one to camp in the morning. 

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I used to love how when Cam would run he would wait for and direct blockers.

That art is lost among so called running or scrambling QBs. Corral already does that. I don't think people here have properly scouted this player themselves.


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The Panthers should be a solid destination for QB Derek Carr, something I could live with as they’ll have Frank Reich an offensive-minded coach and Tepper, an owner who has shown he isn’t afraid to spend money.

The Panthers roster itself has some nice offensive weapons in D.J. Moore, Terrence Marshall Jr., and D’Onta Foreman and with a QB like Carr, should be able to win the NFC South Division.

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6 minutes ago, GoobyPls said:

Carr would have us in purgatory, he’s not a legit franchise QB. I would rather roll with Corral

If they're going free agents Daniel Jones is 25 and a real dual threat, less INTS (tied for 3rd least). Give HIM Frank Reich and whoaboy! Bigger heavier more physical than a Carr could ever be. HE probably would give the Panthers a hometown discount. 

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We could build the defense and roll with the Golden One.

If he can't hold up a full season we'd all have to question but at least we'd have Myles Murphy and perhaps build and prepare a move for homeboy Drake Maye if we're still desperate but that top five D coach wants would be realized.

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5 hours ago, Captain Morgan said:

read a little while ago he may get cut today...if he gets an injury this weekend at the pro bowl, even an ankle sprain, it would trigger his big pay day...Raiders know it's too late now to trade him, so makes sense to let him go unless they plan to pay and play him next year.

Saints feel with Carr they could win the division next year....but the Panthers would seem to be a more desired spot to Derek.

The best deal for us is to sign him to a 3 year deal, see if someone falls to 9, take him and let him learn for a year under Carr...maybe if we take a project like A. Richardson, could be a good scenario.

Yeah I agree, there is no reason we can't get Carr and draft a QB if one falls.

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Why are we always looking for the quick fix instead of “doing the work” draft and develop your own QB… Trade up f the picks and get your Qb of now and the future…

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