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Legendary Panthers QB at the pro bowl

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42 minutes ago, PanthersATL said:

Still like the idea of a skille comp.  Let the players have some fun and show off what they got

lol they literally could've taken the competitions  (Hands, Strength, Throwing) they had back in 2004 and done the same thing with more hype and marketing...but instead they said 'hey what if they played dodgeball?!'

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4 hours ago, Manna said:

Legendary because he got us Cam.

Never had anything against Jimmy. He did his best and never said a word. 

I blame Fox for most of Jimmy's problems, he didn't want to draft him, much less start him, of course throw him to the Wolves with no help, he was a lame duck coach at that point anyway, he literally didn't care anymore 

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17 hours ago, LinvilleGorge said:

They're just absolutely flailing and failing to figure out how to make the Pro Bowl a relevant ratings grabbing spectacle. They've done a great job at that with the draft but they can't figure out how to replicate it with the Pro Bowl. It just feels like a distraction from the Super Bowl IMO. They could build more compelling stuff simply focusing on the upcoming Super Bowl. They should honestly consider moving all the Pro Bowl stuff to the dregs of the off-season in July when people are starving for football content.

Good idea from fan's perspective but players would hate it and bail more than they do already.

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16 hours ago, PantherBoy95 said:

lol they literally could've taken the competitions  (Hands, Strength, Throwing) they had back in 2004 and done the same thing with more hype and marketing...but instead they said 'hey what if they played dodgeball?!'

I say take these pro bowlers, tie this all together with the combine and show where these all pro athletes measure to the young pups.  Atleast that would be more exciting than whatever the pro bowl is now.

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    • Plus, all that stuff around his dad being a coach and his kids being athletes...he would have been a different kind of bad from Tepper. Tepper is making bad decisions because he sees every business like a hammer sees every nail. Navarro would have been micromanaging decisions just like Tepper and would have fallen back on his dad being a coach, etc.
    • It’s not even really about Brooks, maybe he’ll be good. There were better players that fit bigger needs available. Just more roster and draft mismanagement which points to nothing changing anytime soon. 
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