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Give me a reason to be excited about the future of this team


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42 minutes ago, Newtcase said:


This is too loose for me.  CMC was already gone whether we took Bryce or not.  It was just a 2nd round pick at that point, nothing more, nothing less.

The impact DJ might have had on a hypothetical 2025 2nd swing is also tough to judge when the "hope" in the original argument is that like Chicago we could swing again in 2025 if we suck hard enough this year and next.  I still think that argument holds water.

This thread is about helping the dude hope, not dashing it.  LOL  The cupboards are bare, I'm trying.

I understand your thoughts but that doesn’t change the CMC trade. We traded him away to build up our ammo to make a run at a 2023 QB. That was always our intention. For some reason they didn’t see the same need for trading Burns, although I wonder if by now they are realizing it would have been smart.

67% of CMC’s trade value went to Young and 33% to DJ Johnson. DJ Moore went 100% to Young along with our 2023 1st, 2024 1st and our 2025 2nd. For all that we got Young and DJ Johnson.

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1 hour ago, LinvilleGorge said:

You just need a good lecture about reasonable expectations. You see, being a Panthers fan is about not expecting to win or even to look competent. You just gotta be happy to be.

I mean…I know this is making fun of the team, but you actually nailed the exact attitude someone should logically have. 

It’s not like we can do anything to change what the team and front office will do.


People want the team with with blue and black jerseys to be like the up and coming Dolphins. 


Well you can’t make that happen, so maybe be a Dolphins fan? Either that, or find things about the Panthers that you can enjoy. 

Or be miserable all the time. Enjoy


(Not directed at you, just generally)

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1 hour ago, Seltzer said:

Good point.  We are rapidly approaching objectively the worst period in franchise history in terms of winning/losing.  To a level where in 2001 Richardson said all the energy had been sucked from the franchise when he fired Seifert...

Think about that, we are beyond the point in 2001 in terms of how long we have sucked.  5 years of sucking in the NFL is remarkable... only the trifecta of bad coaching, bad drafting/free agency, and bad luck can get you there.  And here we are...

And I know all this baggage ain't fair to Reich and especially Bryce, but the baggage exists.

Us fans should not have to feel bad... we have given our support to this team, and the return on our investment has been almost zero.  Tepper wouldn't tolerate this in the financial world.

It is on Tepper to fix it

I look back at those years and even then there were bright spots. That 99 team was 8-8 and scored a ton of points. Would have made the playoffs if we hadn’t lost to a bad Steelers team in a blizzard in week 15. 2002 we won 7 games after going 1-15. 

From 18 to now our best year was Wilks taking over mid-season and basically going back to 90s era football. But the talent level is bad. Bryce seems like a really good kid. I hope he gets it together with some better weapons. Fitterer is an awful GM and has made too many moves that should be classified as malpractice to retain his job. Tepper might be the worst thing to happen to this franchise not named Rae Carruth. I’ll keep watching but I’m nearing the point of finding something else to do with my Sundays for the first time since 1995. 

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15 hours ago, beo said:

Not trying to single you in particular out or anything but in general I am so, so tired of seeing remarks like this because they just aren't true and in a way it's sort of excusing what David Tepper has done to this team since he has bought it. We absolutely didn't suck. For an expansion team we have done quite well for ourselves if anything. Let's take a look at other expansion teams in the NFL and also other North American sports leagues since 1995...

Carolina Panthers all-time win loss record prior to being bought out by David Tepper- this was our lifetime win-loss record up until the 2019 season: 185-194 (.488). Our record since? 27-45 (.375) and our worst stretch in franchise history. At one point before Cam's shoulder fell off we were actually in the positives, but we all know how that season ended. 4 NFC Championship game appearances (what i'd characterize as deep runs). 2 Super Bowl Appearances. Is this world beating? No. But for a new franchise it's far from the worst you could do. For comparison, lets look at some other expansion teams from 1995 onwards: 

Houston Texans: 142-197 (.419) 0 CCG or SB appearances
Jacksonville Jaguars: 190-262 (.420) 3 CCG appearances, 0 SB appearances
Cleveland Browns (yes they are an expansion team, the Ravens kept their players and more importantly their executives):  127-258-1 (.330). 0 CCG or SB appearances

In other sports...
Memphis/Vancouver Grizzlies: 971-1258 (.436). 1 appearance in the WCF
Toronto Raptors:  1071-1157 (.481). 2 appearances in the ECF, 1 Finals App. and championship
Charlotte Bobcats/Hornets (2004 onwards): lol, lmao. 0-0.

Nashville Predators: 1 conf finals app. , 1 cup app.
Winnipeg Jets/Atlanta Thrashers: 1 conf finals app.
Columbus Blue Jackets: 0-0
Minnesota Wild: 1 conf finals app.
Vegas Golden Knights: 2 conf finals app., stanley cup win
Seattle Kraken: Too early to say but they seem to be on a good track

I don't care enough about the MLB to know how their playoff system works but they've only added two teams since 1995. Diamondbacks won a title in 2001. Rays made a run fairly recently but haven't gotten a chip yet.

Among these teams the only ones i'd say that clearly have a step on us are Toronto, Vegas and perhaps the DBacks. If you go further back, the Ducks (1993), other Panthers (1993), Marlins (1993) and Heat (1988) have done well for themselves. But historically we're pretty easily top half among other newer franchises in NA Sports Leagues. Tepper didn't inherit suck. He inherited a team that had flashes of greatness in the past which weren't fully realized due to ineptitude from our higher ups. We were hoping these would finally be fixed with JR gone, yet they've merely been exacerbated. From 1995-2018 we were the most volatile team in NFL history by a mile if you go by yearly win fluctuation.

Chaotic mediocrity. Since, we haven't even had a winning season. We weren't the best but it was a far cry from the joke we've turned into now. We're the sort of team people groan about when they're on primetime, an absolute laughing stock to the general NFL fan and our fans should be unhappy with the atrocious product that has been on the field ever since we ruined Cam. 

So what you are saying is, because some teams and franchises suck worse than we do, we don't suck?  I guess I like that attitude!  But sorry, I love this team but I'm also not a blind homer, most of the time.  The team has never had back to back winning seasons, sprinkled in with a winning season every 3 years on average.  So yea, I guess we don't suck taking all things into consideration through our history.

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16 hours ago, UNCrules2187 said:

CMC = 23 SF 2nd, 23 SF 3rd, 23 SF 4th, 24 SF 5th

Trade up to Chicago for 1: DJ Moore, #9, 23 SF 2nd (#61), 24 CAR 1st, 25 CAR 2nd

DJ Johnson: Package 23 SF 3rd and 23 SF 4th

So essentially, CMC + DJ Moore +  24 CAR 1st + 25 CAR 2nd = Bryce Young, DJ Johnson and 24 SF 5th

Cmc Moore corral and having next year's first would make me feel a lot better about being 0-2. We traded away our best offensive players because we sucked just so we could suck worse and not have picks to correct it and pay most of their salaries for their new teams

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1 hour ago, toldozer said:

Cmc Moore corral and having next year's first would make me feel a lot better about being 0-2. We traded away our best offensive players because we sucked just so we could suck worse and not have picks to correct it and pay most of their salaries for their new teams

Everyone thought Marty Hurney was bad.

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5 minutes ago, ickmule said:

Everyone thought Marty Hurney was bad.

I know it's 20/20 hindsight and all that but every move fitterer has been a part of has seemed to make us worse.  Name one trade or signing we've made that's made us better. I got Reddick but then we let him walk, big boze seems like that's it and even then we could have gotten a better center in the draft instead of wasting picks on useless players

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