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Mods can we get a handle on these threads???


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4 hours ago, NorthTryon said:

He definitely did. From people I know that work directly with organization(security), he thought it was campy and played out. A few weeks after I heard that, they tried that weird crap from Wolf of Wall Street with the chest pounding. He definitely feels more connected to that stupid bull as an aggressive hedge fund manager than to Keep Pounding. 

What Tepper really wants, now that he's seen it first hand, is crowd reaction similar to the Charlotte Football Club crowd.

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1 hour ago, MasterAwesome said:

It's about recognizing that this is quite literally a toxic relationship between some of you and your sports team.  Yeah you have the right to keep following the team, but I think people are valid in voicing their concern for why you choose to willingly stay in that incredibly toxic relationship.  Just like any relationship...like I have the "right" to remain in a toxic relationship with a girlfriend, abusive family member, etc. but there's an objective truth that it's unhealthy and in my best interest to walk away.

The Huddle is, in many ways, like the antithesis to the real world.  On the Huddle, it's the "cool thing" to spend hours a day going on emotional tantrums about how awful everything is.  Positivity is looked down upon as the behavior of losers.  In the real world...the whiny babies are actually the social pariahs who nobody wants to be around because nothing saps you of your energy quite like a one-dimensional wet blanket.  Maintaining a positive outlook in the face of adverse circumstances is considered a good trait...crazy, right?!  Then again I probably shouldn't single out the Huddle when this is more a theme of terminally online culture.

The huddle is no different than the rest of overall social media. What you perceive to be negativity here is present ten fold across the rest of the internet. Honestly you and others are being melodramatic this place is tame. What are the odds you have kids or nephews that play video games and act like total poo heads and tell other kids to kill themselves? Pretty high. Overall humanity and constant connectivity have devolved into a pit of toxicity. Your issue isn't with fans tired of mismanagement but with humanity as a whole. Join Twitter and go on and shout into the void and tell everyone how miserable they really are. I'm sure they'd love to hear it.

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7 hours ago, WarPanthers89 said:

Go ahead and lock this one, but damn this place is tough to check anymore. Today alone we have a thread about Baker winning the Super Bowl and Young being a bust, one about a guy being at the “mid point” in life and how we may never win a Super Bowl, and one about head coaching candidates when we are two games into the season. It’s Thursday and I am as tired as everyone else of sucking, but these threads are making it tough to come to the site anymore because it is a pool misery. 

old man GIF

Why do you think I just bought 6 feet of rope from Home Depot?

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21 hours ago, Bear Hands said:

It went from optimistic to cautiously optimistic to full meltdown...if the losses continue, memescake factory will be far sooner than expected.

I disagree, this has zero optimism even before the start of the season. Sad to go through with such a pessimistic attitude about everything. 

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22 hours ago, Mr. Scot said:

I've mentioned this in a couple of other places....

You've got some people who panic at the first sign of tough times whether it's warranted or not.

You've got others who love the attention they get when things are bad more than they actually do cheering for the team.

And then there's some who will continuously predict that everything's going to be bad whether it actually is or not, and then when they're right one time in ten years proclaim themselves geniuses.

All of these groups include people who love to be able to say "see, I said it first" if things continue to be bad. Said folks will typically disappear if things actually get better, or sometimes come back and claim they were just trolling.

Bottom line of course is devotion to ego and being able to say "I told you so".

None of these people are ever much fun to discuss football with, but they fit the modern sports talk landscape very well 🙄

Dang Scot! You gone hurt some feelings in here with that.

I agree and I blame it on mainstream sports media with their clickbait titles and stances on "the topics of the day". Stewart Scott had no idea what kind of a monster he was creating. He was just trying to make it fun, and they took it over the top. 

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