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Give us some hope

Toker Smurf

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On 11/12/2023 at 4:10 PM, Toker Smurf said:

Fire Mitch. Fire Clifford. Trade Rozier and Hayward. Let us fantasize about what ‘might’ be to come. 

Don't you dare suggest trading Haywards expiring contract.  We will get trash back in return and more wasted cap money.  Let it expire.  Terry, sure. The firings absolutely 

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3 hours ago, USDepartmentOfSavagery said:

Idk, Hayward should be one of the most tradeable assets in the league imo. A contender should be very interested in him. 

If we only get expirings back plus picks then fine but that won't happen. We will get an even dumpier player back who isn't on the last year of their deal

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Starting line up needs to be






Terry, Gordon, richards, Martin, Thor second unit isn't awful we have the talent to be a playoff team. Can we find a really good coach who's willing to coach this team. I would think so just replace Gordon next year with a bench scorer and we should be very competitive.  Still hate miles but clearly they are keeping him 

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