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Pick 6 was 100% on Mingo


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Call it coping, whatever y’all want, but this is terrible receiver play. Was the throw the right decision? Probably not. But it was a good throw. You absolutely, positively CAN NOT drift upfield on a shallow crosser. It is a cardinal sin.

Take a look at where Mingo is running while Bryce is throwing. Straight down the 25. Now note how he has drifted upfield to try to catch a ball at his chest that would’ve been at his outstretched arms, with his body between the defender in the ball.

He has now made it a longer throw, giving the defender more time to get to the ball, and opened the door wide open for him to undercut the ball. Oh, and then he stands there and watches while the guy takes it for 6.






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Mingo is literally just running his route. It wasn't a comeback route where he's supposed to be breaking back to the ball. It's a route designed for YAC. The throw is supposed to lead him so he can run away from the defender. The throw actually wasn't awful in terms of location. It's just the Bryce's lack of velocity allowed the defender to undercut it and pick it off. Bryce's biggest issue is lack of physical talent. You can work on footwork. You can work on decision making. You can work on reading defenses and protection calls. You can't work on sheer physical talent. It just is what it is.

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Just now, Varking said:

It’s cope my guy. Bryce stats show he’s super accurate throwing to dudes who are super open. So why throw into an ultra tight window here when two other guys are wide open and one was literally uncovered? 


Yeah he is no longer going through reads. Maybe it was the constant pressure, but I watched him stare down guys more this game than others. The only one he trusts is AT and that’s an issue as well. 

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Just now, emhoward said:

Nah, I defend Bryce a lot, but he had open receivers on this route other than Mingo. Mingo was probably his 1st option and he locked on him instead of going to another option. He pre-determined where he wanted to go. Can't do that in this league.  

Where did I say it was the right decision? I literally said it wasnt. I said the pick 6 is on Mingo. 

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