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Cam newton

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2 hours ago, RayRedd said:

I do believe he's a complete wierdo who has consistently exercised bad judgement, but I certainly harbor no personal animus towards him in any way.

I was 100% behind him at draft time, not only was he the right choice, he was the only choice!

Cam is one strange guy but I don't see where he has consistently exercised bad judgement in his life. If he were exercising terrible judgement he would have had legal issues and be doing some idiot things. Other than being outspoken with some of his opinions on his podcast (some of which I may agree with and others maybe not), I just don't see where he has exercised terrible judgement in his life. He seems to do pretty well for himself, remain out of legal issues and has found a career beyond just football with television shows and media etc.

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1 hour ago, panther252 said:

These idiots. Cam was just slowly regenerating his HP like an end game optional boss. Fighting off one guy and then just dragging around another at the same time as if he was his son refusing to leave a toy store. 

Cam is the final raid boss. 

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48 minutes ago, CamWhoaaCam said:

Cam should drop a video at any moment on this situation. Interested to see what really went down. Pretty sure it was just some kids hating and disrespecting him like in years past.

I’ve read he was separating a fight. He is yelling “chill” over and over. 

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1 hour ago, Ricky Prickles said:

I don't know what they were but they looked 18 or older and I would just call them assholes regardless 

They were grown men. Both were coaches of another 7 on 7 team. They had prior affiliations with cams team but left. Now they have TSP. 

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Apparently those 3 people who jumped him were grown men and coaches.lol


The fact that they looked like kids on the video, just shows you how different NFL players are compared to the average human. If Cam really wanted to he could have hurt all 3 of them.

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