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Panthers - Eagles Predictions

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I'm going to say what I said last year, not knowing that we were going to have that turnover debacle.  If we can get the eagles to punt on their early possessions, we have the potential to hold the ball for 45 minutes of this game.

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The key here is shutting down their runs/screens and making eagles have to throw farther than10 yards. Then the matchup is Bradford vs Bene/Peanut/Norman and that's the best missmatch we have in this game.

Car 28 vs 10 PHI

Defense scores atleast 14.



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I'm seeing a fairly easy win. They're turnover prone and our defense has been able to force a lot of turnovers so I'm predicting 3 turnovers and our offense being able to capitalize on it most of the time. Possibly a pick six for JNO. 

Panthers 31

Eagles 14

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I forsee the Panthers winning the time of possession by a large margin in this game. Look for our power run game, that picked up in Seattle, to continue and for the offense to move the chains with Olsen and company catching in the intermediate level of the defense. 

The Eagles, on offense, have been bad on 3rd down this season, which plays perfectly for our defense getting off the field and potentially creating turnovers. 

I think Cam balls out again and creates more MVP talk from the national media. 

Panthers 27

Eagles 16

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I'm sorry but did anyone not watch the Monday night football game..it was one of the worst horrible game of "foosball"..

I see no issues with our team having to keep up with the Beagles..We are clearly better on both sides of the ball..



4 sacks on Bradford and Newton will win through the air!!


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