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Official Panthers - Giants Gameday Thread

Jeremy Igo

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I am concerned about the run game this week.  It's not because Fozzy doesn't come across as capable, or as a team we're not capable.  It's because I think the coaching staff is going to be cautious with Cam when it comes to running the ball, which I understand.  So if we eliminate Stew as a threat, and we're not running Cam we may struggle because we won't have the versatility in the run game.

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51 minutes ago, osd22 said:

Weather looks nice. Let's do this! 


Hey, keep an eye out for my car...it was dud and stuck in the mud somewhere in the swamps of Jersey.

Hoping for Shaq and Cap to announce their arrival today and our D line to get three more sacks.

close at the half but Panthers pull it off 34-21

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Few things that worry me: Chemistry between Fozzy, CAP and Cam. Jstew and Cam had it down with the read option and Cam could pull that ball back from Jstews chest if needed and not worry about fumbling. (Happened only once this season I believe). I don't know if CAP and fozzy will be as good with it.

Also, ball security  with those two. Could it be an issue? Giants are also a great team at creating turnovers.

Lastly, special teams play. We are missing several special teams starters and Giants have a great return guy who is most likely going to play through a shoulder injury.

Things I'm confident about:

The Panthers are the number one scoring offense playing against the league's worst defense. These guys might be worse than New Orleans. 

We also have a top 2 defense going up against a team with a mediocre offense with no weapons outside of OBJ. 

Lastly, we are 3rd in sacks and the Giants have an absolutely decimated Oline. 

Panthers 34-20

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I'm really excited for this game if only because I think it has potential to be a great one, but I wish the playoffs would start already.  I love going undefeated and I love curb stomping teams, but it has kind of ruined the suspense for me.  It feels like we're playing a bunch of preseason games, although that will change in Week 17 if we're gunning for 16-0.  That will be an AMAZING feeling.

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