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Cam's Clear Case for MVP

Jeremy Igo

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1 hour ago, Khyber53 said:

Imagine how many yards passing he would have made if he hadn't been working with a short field so many times thanks to our defense. 

Or the yards and TDs if Ginn, Funchess and the rest of the crew had held onto a good portion of their drops.

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41 minutes ago, pantherking15 said:

Seahawks fans are getting desperate. This is pathetic.


Do these guys realize all those fancy metrics don't account for context, like the offensive scheme and the offensive talent. Yes, Wilson is a very accurate passer, but his ridiculously high completion %  is hugely attributed to the West Coast offensive scheme the Seahawks run and a very sure-handed WR corps.

Seahawks fans are using a list of metrics no one cares about, like DYAR/completion %/QBR, to argue for someone other than Cam. Hello, TDs are what actually wins you games and Cam has 45 total TDs, is leading the #1 scoring offense, and has led his team to a 15-1 record.

I'm just glad since Brady and Palmer both lost, there's not even a debate and it basically forces the MVP voters to vote for Cam whether they like him or not.

Yeah, those Seattle fans really rely on Metrics a lot don't they?

They tells us one or two things:

1) They either know Wilson's not up to par via the eye test. So instead they differ to stats.

2) They truly don't know or understand how to watch a player, scheme and their effect and impact. So in turn, they talk about stats (when it suits them), cause it's the only thing they apparently know.

These are the same guys, that now want us to believe RW's the best QB in the NFL (and has been since he's entered it). This is despite the fact, he still tries to get the ball out in less than 2 secs to a predetermined receiver (ala Kaep with Harbaugh). And if he can't. He turns it into a Scramble drill, cause he can't see over, and properly read defenses.

Give credit, where credit is due. But I guess when you're a douche-bag Band wagoner, such trifles are not considered. Shrugs.


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3 hours ago, TheRed said:

Excellent work.

Just imagine if the huddle geniuses here in 2011 had gotten their way about not wanting to draft Newton.

Thanks for reminding me of the "Draft Marcel Dareus then tank for Luck" crowd that absolutely DESTROYED this place back in '11 .


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1 hour ago, Ivan The Awesome said:

I need to see KB_fans charts to pit this in perspective.  

Soon... I hope. 

Others are doing a great job of providing stats for perspective.  I'm slowly working on coming up with a post which will have lots of Panthers season data & charts, but most of my analysis so far is on a team level, not so much on individual players & postitions.  (I've been slowed down by a badly sprained wrist the past 2 1/2 weeks.  It means I've been limiting my time at the keyboard.  Hurts to type.)

So, thanks to all of you who are posting these great stats re: Cam's season.

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