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Corona Virus

Ja  Rhule

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6 minutes ago, Real1zOnly said:

Wow they already closing schools Nationwide. This about to get ugly for the grocery stores. People better start stocking up on food and water. This might be a while before everything is back to normal.

no, no its not - grocery store-wise and power grid-wise

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26 minutes ago, jfra78 said:

They escorted a kid out of my daughters High School today for having contact with someone with the virus.  I have a feeling schools will be shut down very soon

Schools are already getting shut down. It's only a matter of time for NC to shut down their schools.

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I don't get why everyone is rushing to places like Wal-Mart and Costco to get their supplies. Those places have been ransacked, at least in major cities. My folks were at our local Wal-Mart earlier and it wasn't too bad. I decided to think outside the box and went to a small town where I live. Basically in the middle of nowhere. All they have is one Family Dollar. Went in, barely anyone there and they had everything I needed. In-and-out. I did have to buy toilet paper since everyone is hoarding it. Who knows how long before all stores are out? Might take weeks to restock. One thing I've found that works in case I run out. Handheld shower head on massage. Cleans it right up then shower normally :shades:

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Profootballtalk's Mike Florio reports the league is considering delaying the start of free agency.

The legal tampering period is supposed to begin Monday, with open free agency following on Wednesday. Per Florio, an announcement would come after NFLPA voting on the new CBA concludes on Sunday. Florio reports the league is "keenly aware of the optics of players agreeing to terms on multi-million-dollar deals while the rest of the nation is adjusting to what will still be as of next week the early days of the coronavirus crisis." Many teams have already banned employee travel. Free agent visits would be extremely difficult to coordinate, not to mention put the players in a difficult spot. With the nation distracted at the dawn of a pandemic, a delay frankly seems like a no-brainer move

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