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Emoji support from phone?

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9 minutes ago, PhillyB said:

i like the idea of having more tools but also worry about text-based content being replaced by a bunch of emoji reactions

Yeah could get annoying when people overuse it

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Just now, top dawg said:

I think emojis are strategic tools used to enhance text-based content, not replace it!

It sometimes helps people convey an actual emotion also.

I'm going to have to get used to the new placement of the edit button! :eyeroll::)

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9 minutes ago, Varking said:

This would be dope if we could also set a limit on how many emojis can be used in a single post. 

Yeah, that wouldn’t be bad.  I typically get on here while I’m on my phone and emojis definitely help convey certain things better (for me at least), but it could be overdone

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