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Official Bucs at Saints Divisional Playoff Thread - Who you got?

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I am happy....seriously I think Brady can deal with the cold weather better than Brees can.

I think Brees's ribs are still screwed up and he came back too soon because he knew this was it for him.  It's cost the Saints today.

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Just now, SteveSmithTD89 said:

As much as I disdain Arians and Brady... I will thoroughly enjoy watching Brees and Payton slow realization that the season and their runs are over. 

Maybe give us another pick or 2 for an all time Jake like meltdown to end it.

This....all this!

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    • It's not any "wishful thinking", its chatter on a message board. Don't lose your context! We certainly haven't. The fact is, there's a strong possibility that we may/will move up in the draft to acquire a franchise QB. It's not imminent, but it is (some would say "highly") possible. It's even more likely due to all the chatter and at least one trade proposal involving Teddy Bridgewater. That being said, we're either going to have to use players, picks, or a combination thereof. We're not moving up for free, or probably on the cheap. At that point, it just becomes a tug of war, filled with enticement, during negotiations. And CMC may or may not be one of the pieces discussed, regardless of his current contract. Now, of course, we could just stay where we are and hope. We don't know what's going to happen.
    • I was not high on jones a few weeks ago, and i am still skeptical, but you are right--we need to take Jones + a T and use free agency to upgrade the OL at G (and resign Moton.  I had an OL coach from the Univ of So Carolina talk (back when Charlie Strong was the DC)  to me during a coaching conference at Myrtle beach several years ago and I never forgot 1 comment.  "You can hide 1 bad OL, but you cannot hide 2."  For years I wondered exactly what he meant, so I assume that he means you can call plays away from the bad OL in critical situations, you can help with a FB or TE, etc. Having said that, we had 2 bad OL last year on the left side-but we were better when Okung was in the game.  Reed was terrible--giving up A gap--etc.   
    • Manziel sure as hell wasn't a "brains" quarterback.
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