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How Many Prime Time Games do the Panthers Get with Deshaun Watson?

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My guess is 4, and maybe 5 depending on how the season goes and if we get flexed.  Potentially both matchups with Brady, the new 17th game which will be against the Texans, any of the NFC East matchups, and the Bills game would be prime targets I think.

With Teddy it's almost assuredly going to be the 1 TNF matchup (unless there are more time slots ala Covid this year).

This is why almost no price is too high to get Watson.  It instantly makes the Panthers nationally relevant again and will for years to come.

And ultimately, we're not going to win a Super Bowl without a franchise guy like Watson.

I am not going to get my hopes up too much b/c it is still way more likely than not he doesn't end up here, but in the interest of discussion it's a nice theoretical question to answer after we have spent the past 3 seasons in irrelevancy.

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Being conservative I would say....

2 MNF games

2 SNF games 

1 TNF game 

1 Divisional Playoff Game

1 Conference Championship Game 

1 Super Bowl game. 

so what is that? About 8? But that is being very very conservative. 

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23 minutes ago, chknwing said:

Title click baitish.  

It's the offseason... if you got something better to post let's see it... it's fun speculation after a disappointing year...

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Forget how many prime time games would come with Watson at QB.  The better question is how many prime free agents come with Watson at QB?  If you're a top free agent, would you rather come here and play with TB or Watson?

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