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I mentioned it before. Now I'm pleading: Please stop buying New Era until they correct our color!

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New Era caps & apparel has sh¡tty Panthers colors. Blue, to be more specific. I knew that I had some hats and gear that was just off-colored, and when I began looking, it was all New Era. The Reebok, Nike & 47 gear that I have all pretty much are true representations of our true colors.

For some reason, New Era makes our gear look much more like Jags colors, and our Panthers Blue should not be teal. And if you have New Era gear, from the caps to the shirts, you know I'm telling the truth. I can't even wear my blue (which is really blue-green) bucket hat with anything but New Era because the color sucks! Even the black one has a Panther closer to teal, but I can kinda fake it. 

Why should we be punks? Seriously! I have more new era gear than anything, but I'm not buying another New Era product until they get our blue right! The others have it right, so it's not like New Era can't do it; they just won't. 

Unless Panthers fans pressure them to get it right, I doubt that they do anything. I don't want to be the lone whisper in the wind under a real sky. Please tweet at New Era and join me in my Panthers-gear boycott! We need to trend a hashtag and really get their attention! Come on, Carolina Huddle! Time to flex some muscle! New Era is effectively throwing shade--an ugly teal--on the entire fanbase.

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9 minutes ago, 4Corners said:

If you are still wearing baseball hats over the age of 25....yikes 

I’m 40 now and wear a Panthers hat every time I leave the house. I also rock a Panthers face mask most of the time, and am currently wearing a Panthers coat, too. Also my shoes are Panthers blue. 

Ride or die, betch!


For real though... gatekeeping hat wearing is kinda strange.


As far as NE colors. They’re close enough. I have few cheap 9Fortys that are my go to, I also have a 9Twenty that’s all black except for our logo. The blue is just a shade more radiant than it should be, but it’s definitely close enough.

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11 minutes ago, 4Corners said:

If you are still wearing baseball hats over the age of 25....yikes 

if you ain't down with cargo shorts and ball caps, then I ain't down with you. 

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13 minutes ago, 4Corners said:

If you are still wearing baseball hats over the age of 25....yikes 


rain snow sun...baseball caps are great

man I miss Reebok then the league got cheap and consumer Nike is trash

I remember the first year the switched and jerseys were ripped, patches coming off, falling apart on the field during games lol

gonna assume the NFL bitches them out because didn’t see the issue after that

High end Nike products are great but man their mass commercial poo is utter garbage

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