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Panthers sign TE Dan Arnold

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Him and Moore should be an improvement in the red zone, where we badly struggled last year throwing the ball (yes partly due to Teddy but also because none of our WRs or TEs last year excelled in the red zone as receivers. McCaffrey was our only red zone threat, frankly, and he missed most of the season). Solid signing, and cheap enough that even if he doesn’t add much other than a big body in the red zone, it can’t possibly hurt us that much.

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6 hours ago, Soul Rebel said:

Jonnu: 25 years old - 41 rec. - 448 yards - 8 TD ---- $12.5M avg.

Henry: 26 years old - 60 rec. - 613 yards - 4 TD ---- $12.5M avg.

Everett: 26 years old - 41 rec. - 417 yards - 1 TD ---- $6M avg.

Rudolph: 31 years old - 28 rec. - 334 yards - 1 TD ---- $6M avg.

Cook: 33 years old -  37 rec. - 504 yards - 7 TD ----  $6M avg.


Arnold: 26 years old - 31 rec. - 438 yards - 4 TD -- $3M avg.

Great point

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5 hours ago, PhillyB said:

add another white one so we can resurrect the tightie whities

It is actually a decent signing if some are able to pull their heads from their flabby posteriors and forgive the fact that the guy was born white. Color aside which has absolutely NOTHING to do with the subject at hand to begin with, he is on a cheap deal, made a solid difference last year with his former team, and still relatively young.

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10 hours ago, panther252 said:

Really solid. I had Kyler Murray on my fantasy team, so I managed to watch almost every snap of this guys. He got open a lot and made some big plays here and there. Kind of excited about this, not gonna lie. 

Hope you are right

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Well, let's face it --  as it stands now, he's got the starting gig. Not like we had any capability there last year at all. 

Good luck to him and I hope we seem him just explode like Greg Olsen did here when he arrived. 

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