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Report: CB AJ Bouye close to deal with Panthers

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15 minutes ago, Mr. Scot said:

See above...

You’re reading too much into that, he has been a starting CB up til now so Gantt characterizing him as that in a tweet means nothing. In the same tweet he lists CB as a potential position we could target in the draft. If we draft a CB and Donte outplays Bouye in camp, AJ won’t start. There’s a solid chance he winds up being one of our 2 best CBs or even our best and starts but that’s no guarantee, depends on who else we draft/sign or if anyone else on the roster already emerges.

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Just now, WarPanthers89 said:

Don’t forget DT. We need one, maybe two.

Honestly with his market seemingly being slim pickings, it might make the most sense for both sides for KK to come back here on a 1 year deal for dirt cheap with heavy incentives. Cheap, consistent, temporary depth for us and a chance for him to rehab his value and potentially earn a decent deal from another team next off season.

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tracks the ball deep and reads the QB eyes well. Even asked to cover TEs from time to time. Looks like he could play FS or CB. Don’t like the peds suspension 

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12 minutes ago, ForJimmy said:

I’m excited about Bouye. Bouye, Jackson, Melvin, Pride is a solid group of CBs especially before the draft... LT and FS are still needs along with depth.

Hoping we can land Hooker

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    • I was curious on why Fit snatched Erving and Eiflein in FA.   I already did a post on how Erving had fewer penalties and sacks per snap than Okung last year with only 8 pressures in five games.    So now it's Elflein's turn.  With the Vikes, Elflein started at center in 2017-18. He switched to left guard in 2019 and moved again to right guard in 2020. Elflein played in the opener and was hurt in practice the following week.  He was  then waived and picked up by the Jets where he started 6 games at LG. What if Pat Elflein Turns it Around This Season? | Zone Coverage " Even in a down year (2019), Elflein ranked in the middle of the pack, 42nd out of 83 qualifying guards in overall PFF grade, and an impressive 18th in run blocking where his mobility is a natural fit for Gary Kubiak‘s beloved zone blocking system. Elflein’s pass-blocking grade, higher than just 10 other qualifying guards, was the anchor to his overall score. But consider that 2019 was Elflein’s first as an NFL guard after two seasons at center. As the season progressed, improvement was apparent in his PFF grades, as four of his top five pass-protecting grades came in the Vikings’ final eight games (including playoffs). It wouldn’t be out of line to expect a continued uptick in his performance. " He had a real bad 2018 at center as well with 7 penalties and 4 sacs on 863 snaps for 41.9 PFF.   For the Panthers in 2020, Denis Daley was going to start at LG until injury before the first game.  Schofield  then started at LG for the first 2 games.   Game 3, Chris Reed took over and did well for a backup.  Elflein       had 1 penalty   and  2 sacks on 419 snaps with a pff of 48.0.   Schofield had 3 penalties   and 4 sacks on 270 snaps with a pff of 50.3. Reed        had 3 penalties    and 1 sack  on 892 snaps with a pff of 63.0.   Daley       had  1 penalty      and 0 sacks on 135 snaps with a pff of 64.7. His up and down pffs makes him look like a below average, inconsistent olineman who can also play center. If he can win the starting spot and repeat his 2019 season production, LG would be on par with last years performance. His drop-off last year could be related to his injury, switching teams mid season, and well, the jets.   With plenty of competition at guard (Dennis Daley, David Moore, Deonte Brown) , Elflein will need to work hard at camp.   
    • It's not 1 case. It's 22 separate unresolved cases. He could be more, a whole lot more, and he may be.  But right now, from a  business standpoint, you can't give up 3 years of number 1s and some 2s, starting caliber players, 50m in salary cap and dedicate a roster spot on the hope that this isn't true. I don't think for 1 second Watson is ignorant. Bringing in dozens of massage therapists and going as far as to fly them in, if nothing crazy is going on, record that poo.
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