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Panthers "focused in" on Pitts?

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1 minute ago, saX man said:

He has to make it past MIA and CIN who both reportedly like him (along with Chase)

The Bengals are the biggest threat to take my favorite pick (Sewell).

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With the scenario they're saying, starting at ATL #4: Fields QB

CIN 5:  Sewell LT

MIA 6: Chase WR

DET 7: Slater (or....wildcard/could they trade w/DEN or NE? This would be Lance)

CAR 8: Pitts TE


That's the Pitts scenario I could see happening at #8

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1 minute ago, Mr. Scot said:

The Bengals are the biggest threat to take my favorite pick (Sewell).

I doubt we land Sewell.  He's the top non-QB talent in the draft IMO.  Pitts is 2nd overall for me, Slater 3, Chase 4

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3 minutes ago, Rags said:

I cannot understate how strong I think this top 10-13 is. I'd be ecstatic with either of the top OTs, Horn or any of the top 3 receiving prospects.

Pitts can definitely grow more as a TE but he is a force lined up outside. His route running is PHENOMENAL for a guy his size and with D.J. Robby and CMC we'd have one of the most potent passing offense in the NFL.

Seriously.  He would reek havoc in the Brady-spread.  I also think Chase could be amazing.  The other top WRs are hard talents to pass on even with the LT need. 

I wonder how we'd rank it if the choice was Slater, Lance, Smith, Horn, & Waddle?


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