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No Pitts? Slater gone? Pene off the board?

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No way Lance, Fields, Sewell and Salter are all off the board.  Like zero chance and that is the only way I'm cool taking a corner.  Even then it had be in a trade back and not at #8.  Frankly, I'd still prefer Darrisaw over a corner, but I wouldn't be too upset.

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Just now, KBRed said:

Especially if Miami wants him. They would gladly trade up with ATL. 

Just FYI for young football fans who might be on this forum, please don't be fooled by phony sports journalists. They make stuff up and pretend like they have inside information on who will be drafted by which teams. NFL teams, unless they have the #1 over pick, don't go around leaking out who they are taking in the draft. That could harm the team due to trading or other reasons. The draft targets remain a secret until the pick is made.

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Horn started this process as a mid 2nd round pick. All of a sudden he’s #8? He didn’t blow people away at his pro day. His tape isn’t lockdown. I see him as a late 1st at best..


If Slater, Pitts, and Sewell are all gone then that means either Chase or Fields are on the board. I’m not passing on either of them to pick Horn at 8. 

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On 4/16/2021 at 12:29 PM, @bonafidebanter said:

Chase. I'm taking elite talent. Sorry, not sorry.

I would say that after trading for Darnold, Chase doesn’t just sit as a BPA. You could argue he’s a need player as well. We have two proven pass catchers (other than our running back). If one of them goes down this offense becomes very very weak. 

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On 4/16/2021 at 10:23 AM, Jaxel said:

There is a love affair for trading down every year. I personally don't want to, I think after the top 10 players of every draft it's a crap shoot, but that's just me.

They are all crapshoots, which is why some want to trade back.  More picks equals better chance at success.

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