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Film Study: GREAT FIT: Why Sam Darnold will be a great Quarterback for the Carolina Panthers.

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Posted (edited)

Is that Darnold's doppelganger?

To find these few clips of false hope, I salute the young man.

Hopefully Sam proves me wrong but if he doesn't, I'm want PJ in.

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26 minutes ago, Ricky Spanish said:

Not used to a dude with that accent talking about this kind of football. 

It's a good job all of my posts are text based then.

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28 minutes ago, Ivan The Awesome said:

.....no offense dude but I am glad you're not in the front office. 

I tend to agree with him. I think if Darnold is gonna be bad, it will be immediately apparent. 

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Posted (edited)
52 minutes ago, Trainwreck said:


 During Week 16 against the Green Bay Packers, Darnold finished with 341 passing yards and three touchdowns. Marred by 16 penalties, the Jets squandered a 15-point lead and lost 44–38 in overtime.[47] During Week 17 against the New England Patriots, Darnold finished with 167 passing yards as the Jets lost 38–3 in the regular-season finale. (reference)

How he perform after this game though?

Oh, that's right Coach Belichick watches film too.

Last game of that year, Sam looked lost.

Came back the year after ok but sick, missed a couple games, then guess what, that's right, Coach Belichick had the boy seeing Ghosts....

There was potential, WAS, until Belichick showed the blueprint on how to dismantle Sam.

Hey, if he proves me wrong, my team makes the playoffs.(1st year PSL owner:) I'll admit it if I'm wrong, hell, I'll buy a Darnold jersey and put 's B***h because that's what you do when you make a mistake.

How many excuses are there going be when Sam fails though???

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